iPhone Wi-Fi sync app submitted to App Store

iPhone wi-fi sync

While the Apple TV (and even the lowly, lambasted Zune!) has had Wi-Fi sync for a while now, Apple hasn't seen fit to break the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad free of their iTunes tether, so developer Greg Hughes has decided to do it for them -- and submit it to the App Store.

Based on the video it looks like once a pairing is setup between your iPhone and iTunes you're good to go. And that's where this whole story might just come off the rails -- if Hughes is using anything other than public APIs, and if Apple even allows other apps to interact with iTunes on the desktop. Hey, they could even reject it on general usability grounds -- that aforementioned Apple TV and Zune need to be plugged in anyway to handle the power-drain of Wi-Fi sync, which takes some of the luster off, and even 802.11n Wi-Fi is slow compared to USB.

So, could this app pull an Opera Mini and get in, or it will it get slammed with the rejection hammer and leave us waiting for a cloud-based iTunes.com announcement from Apple before our iPhones go wire-free?


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Reader comments

iPhone Wi-Fi sync app submitted to App Store


Forget it. It is too awesome. Apple's gonna deny it on a technicality and then offer it as an option on MobileMe a year or so down the road...

what good will this app be??? you cant go far with the iphone as it will lose the sync and you cant do nothing with the iphone when its syncing so whats the point???

@ Spazbite33
I hate to say it but I think you're right. Syncing is slow enough with USB and you can't use the phone while it's syncing. Maybe it would be more convienent to sync via Wi-Fi but if it doesn't do it in the background, then I don't want my phone hadicapped for a couple of hours. (For a software update). Now I think if their are a few songs I want to grab from iTunes, that I've already purchased, then I don't see the problem with Wi-Fi syncing. I mean, if we can download them over the air then why can't I get them from my own account?

Would be fantastic if this makes it through.. I'm wondering how the syncing is technically accomplished...
Seems too good to be true that it would only use public api's.

Ok, if Apple denies this!!! he better release it in cydia! theres no point in letting something like this go to waste!

Yeah, I'm with redth. Seems like it's to good to be true. I'm no developer, but I'd be surprised if he pulled it off with public APIs.

The take home message it get over an over with this device and the respective comapany: never get your hopes up.

They need to have Wi-Fi N for this to be " apple quality " or they ( apple ) have to figure out how to make syncing faster. It's already semi slow, especially syncing movies which can be up to or more than 1GB.
Maybe Wi-Fi sync can be good for only incremental syncs. Like you add a few songs that's only maybe 20MB.

Nobody going to call the zine inaccuracy? Former owner of an 80gb Zune, never had to plug it in for wifi sync. Didn't drain battery all that badly either.

Syncing isn't slow. Its all the other crap that happens when you plug in the phone that makes it slow.
Most people just add a few songs, addresses, or bookmarks on each sync.
That should be perfectly manageable on wifi.
This should have been in iTunes ant the iPhone since day one. I hope (but doubt) it makes it

Apple needs to implement a way to manage all iTunes content from your iPhone. F plugging my phone into a computer. I should be able to dock my phone at night and sync all new content. Especially OS updates.

I would love syncing over wifi, charging is SO much faster through AC, so syncing my new songs while charging before I go out could be much more enjoyable.

leave it to apple fanboys AND haters to find the dumbest things to complain about.
fanboy: OMGZ ____ can do ____ i bet apple will do it but it just has to be perfect!
hater: HAHA ____ can do ____ and even if apple does it it will be 2 years too late!
all ya'll sound just alike. when all of you get an apple product that you can't find anything to complain about, it will implode and suck the entire world in with it.

If the new iPhone has 802.11n and OS4 has multitasking, then this would be nice to run in the background as a scheduled task during the middle of the night as my iPhone sleeps in my clock radio. :)

Has anyone noticed how there's software running on the Mac , such as a server app , it seems to me the guy's using his app on the iPod Touch to connect to the server on the Mac and presto , iTunes detects the iPod through the connection the software's making , pretty clever.

I don't see why they can't enable sync via Bluetooth?? I have a mac and me previous computer was a Sony and that had Bluetooth as well. I would sync my blackberry (before iPhone heaven) via Bluetooth. On the mac I used missing sync which worked flawlessly and on my Sony with the bb desktop mgr. I don't see why apple doesn't come out with something similar. I loved being able to sync wirelessly. Very convenient.

Just being able to wirelessly sync my calendars (macbook to iphone) would be killer - I'd turn off every other sync option (how often to you add more music or must have apps?). It does sync the other options than music...right? Anyone know? The site (http://www.getwifisync.com/) doesn't show much...

I just got a reply From the developer sayin that he might post to cydia... ("I'm thinking about it" was his only reply)
one can only hope...

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