iPhonexe - The App Store Alternative!

Trouble finding a certain app in the app store? Well, there is a new website out there called iPhonexe  (mobile version can be found here) that gives everyone with a iPhone a alternative to using Apple's official app store. While I personally have not checked for every single app currently in the app store, iPhonexe claims to include them all, broken down into categories ready for nice and easy browsing. Keep in mind that this does not bypass Apple's app store completely. If you click "Buy Now" you are taken directly to the app in the app store to purchase it via iTunes.

But wait! I've saved the best feature (by far) for last: the ability to search Jailbroken apps! I know there are other sites out there that you can use to see what is available on that side of the iPhone world but none do it this nicely. It is worth a look for sure.

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iPhonexe - The App Store Alternative!


You should also check out whatsoniphone.com, we have the complete list of applications, and in addition to easier searching for the app you like, we provide reviews, ratings, user ratings, and comments. Take a look www.whatsoniphone.com

Yo I can't download the apps I'm on an iPod touch, do I need to have it jailbreaked or what , I can't download apps from the apple app store. I made an apple id but it won't let me install apps so I was looking for an alternative. Can anyone tell me how to install "free" apps on this site?

Yes, it is interesting that Apple has allowed this to happen, I mean with a little business sense, this would never have become the problem it has, yet, Apple still has done Nothing to provide a user experience that is pleasant and positive, we found this site because we are tired of attempting to get our apps approved in the app store, thanks for the post.

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