iTunes Radio hits Australia... still waiting on the rest of the world

iTunes Radio hits Australia... still waiting on the rest of the world

Apple has started expanding the availability of iTunes Radio outside of the United States, launching today in Australia. This is the first such expansion of Apple's radio service since its launch with iOS 7 in September, though it briefly appeared in the UK and Canada in October.

How long until we see iTunes Radio in more countries? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Apple

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sladyrko says:

I am from Bulgaria and I have it. Just changed my region in iTunes to USA. I prefer it because in my region some apps are missing, so this is the best solution and I am getting iTunes radio.. :-))

Markiee says:

have you changed your region back to bulgaria or stayed on US? I will also try that.. Im from the Philippines btw and planning to install that

jamnrold38 says:

You can access iTunes radio her in the Philippines by using USA account on appstore!!! Try to make one!!! I try it and it's work!! Good luck!!!

dc9super80 says:

The other day I noticed the iTunes Radio icon in my music app. Then it disappeared. Strange. Maybe it is an indication of it soon coming to my region (Mexico), maybe it was a bug. Congrats to those down under though.

quinn_drummer says:

I've just had a replacement iPhone 5s over the weekend and my music app has the iTunes Radio icon too. Possibly a sign of things to come

ReedMA says:

The same thing happened to me in Canada. iTunes Radio button showed up when I opened the music app, but disappeared after a couple seconds.

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John Kerby says:

Rena/iMore wasn't Apple hiring for on iTunes Radio Programmer for Canada like middle of 2013 and wasn't iTunes Radio supposed to come to Canada late last year & before the end of 2013? So wants going on maybe we will see it in iOS 8 or iOS 9

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dc9super80 says:

Other companies like Spotify has also had problems getting into Canada. Maybe the problem has to do with agreements more so than Apple. Just a wild guess though.

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Derrick4Real says:

It will come to other countries when Apple strikes a deal to with the publishers to pay royalties. Any streaming services requires they pay royalties to the publisher of the song and the artists performing on the master recording. When Apple cuts a deal to stream in a given region you'll see it. And my guess is there will be many regions it won't appear at all because no deal can be struck. I think Pandora is only available in US, New Zealand & Austrailia according to the wikipedia. It's a similar issue.

asuperstarr says:

That's great. I enjoy the service.

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