iUsers brings multiple user accounts to the iPad [jailbreak]

iUsers is a new jailbreak tweak that enables an iPad to have multiple user accounts. If you share your iPad with other people in your home, this jailbreak tweak could be just what you have been waiting for.

Each user that has access to your iPad can now have a separate account with their own log in passcode, separate home screens, different apps and log in credentials. Pedro Franceschi is the man to thank for this awesome looking tweak. He has even put together a short video showing how it all works; it looks really well put together and a highly useful add on. The iPad does have to go through a short reboot cycle when switching accounts. It doesn't seem to take very long to do it, so it's not really a deal breaker.

If you want to give this one a go, you will need to add http://cydia.iblogeek.com/ as an additional repository in your Cydia settings. Once you have done that, simply search for iUsers.

Take a look at iUsers in action after the break!

[YouTube via Cult of Mac]

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iUsers brings multiple user accounts to the iPad [jailbreak]


Your name is what happens if you don't drink enough water during the day and then decide, while drunk, that it's a good idea to pee outside in below zero weather...

Fantastic! I might tone down the frenzy on wanting to figure a way to justify a 2nd iPad in the house. Kudos once again, jailbreak community.

I might try this later since I share the iPad with the girlfriend. I always get nervous when I let her bring it to school or whatever. Don't want her looking at my 'private' stuff.

Just a heads up. I tried this earlier today and it was just painfully slow on my iPad 2, so I uninstalled it. In doing so it completely wiped out my iPads settings. Icon locations, mail accounts, everything. The apps were still on it, just all in alphabetical order and not grouped as before. HUGE HEADACHE.

I don't know what's funnier. Spam comments or the fact that some people actually believe them.

Someone please help! I installed this app and uninstalled it right away after it sucked away all my space in my ipad... For some reason even after uninstalling it i still have no space (i assume the backup profile is taking up many gigs) any ideas on where to find the created user profile so i can get ri of it ?

I installed it on iPhone and uninstalled it. But every time when i start the phone it's asks from the password to open .... any suggestion .???

Go into "Settings">"General"> "Pass Code Lock" At the top there should be an option that states, "Turn Off Pass code" I believe you have to enter your passcode to get into the "pass code lock" screen and then once more when you select "turn off passcode". Good idea on this application, but it look WAY too long to switch users. I had to re-sync my e-mails and it appears that my background and arrangement of icons have changed. No biggy, as long as I can remove it and doesn't cause much problems.