Joost: Want Free Streaming Movies and Media on Your iPhone?

Joost, from the P2P masters who brought us Skype and Kasaa, went from hyper-anticipated start-up to barely whispered almost-forgotten in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Well, according to Gizmodo, they're back baby, and with free WiFi streaming movies and media to sweeten the deal -- if only slightly:

It's kind of crashy, could use a better navigation UI and takes too long for movie streams to get going (and then when they do it's kind of finicky) but we definitely appreciate being to stream The Fifth Element over Wi-Fi in decent quality, when it actually gets going. More than anything though, it just makes us soak our pillow with even more drool dreaming of a Hulu app.

So, is the free-ness worth the -- what might just be growing -- pain? Think Joost has something here? If you try it out, let us know!

(Thanks Matthew for the tip!)

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Joost: Want Free Streaming Movies and Media on Your iPhone?


Joost is an international company, they should have international content. From the jobs page of their website: "Joost is an international company with offices in London, New York, and Leiden (near Amsterdam)."
I checked Joost out a few days ago, and I don't think it's quite there for us yet. Once they get some more content, I'll be aboard 100%. Me and the wife only really watch 10 or so shows, but not all of them are there, or they only have one episode out of 50 even though all episodes are on youtube...
I've got no problems with the quality of it, though. quality is great.

I just downloaded it and launched some TV shows. They only took a few seconds to start, then there was nothing "finicky" about them. They played very smoothly.
Thanks for the app tip!

Absolute crap. Tv shows were only 2 minute clips, and it was so glitchy (yes, wifi) that you could not watch it. Jumping to a previously "watched" spot in the timeline crashed it. And yes, I restarted my iPhone before running this app.

I heard about this app and I haven't tried it yet but I am about to because I wanna see how it is. I'm gonna try to see if I can run this app via my ad-hoc wi-fi connection that i have for my iPhone Modem app. We'll see if this works....

Just tried it, and it won't let me connect. I got the message that says it only runs on wi-fi. Too bad, I was hoping to outsmart or cheat the system into thinking I was actually on wi-fi when i wasn't. Oh well... I'll try Joost later when I get on wi-fi at home.

I've been using it tonight and have had zero issues. Full TV episodes and movies play just fine. Though I did come across a few with incorrect formatting (stretched to fit the screen).

Alot of people complain but it works fine for me, it crashes every once in a while which im sure will get better with updates, but other than that I love it, the quality is amazing,
when are you guys gonna do a story about orb?

Loving it so far but I wish the iphone app could link to my Joost account so I could access my favourites more easily.

Here in Ireland the content is rubbish. A handful of rubbish videos. Embarrassingly poor.