Kindle 2.0 universal binary update with iPad support is live!

Screen shot 2010-04-02 at 10.22.42 PM

If you've got the iPhone or iPod touch version of Amazon's Kindle App [Free - iTunes link] check your updates because the new Kindle 2.0, universal binary version with iPad support is now live in the App Store!

Boasting 450,000 books (for US customers, international availability varies), and Whispersync convenience between Kindle device, iPhone, iPod touch, and now iPad, Apple doesn't seem to have a problem with duplicating iBooks functionality.

It also says you can shop the Kindle store, though whether that means you can do it within the app, like iBookstore, or if you still have to go to the website first... we'll find out tomorrow.

If you're a Kindle Books lover, let us know how you enjoy reading them on your iPad!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Kindle 2.0 universal binary update with iPad support is live!


Cool! I think the reason apple is allowing this is because they don't have all the books that the amazon store offers. Once they do have most of the books, this will not be allowed.

I have updated but I wish they would make the iPhone version look like the iPad UI with the blue background.

I like the bookshelf look of iBooks better, and for me that's what I'll use, but it's great that apple is allowing people to download this app.

This is the only reason I'm considering getting an iPad (as a Kindle replacement). The iPad doesn't have what I want in a tablet except a great device for my Kindle content.

All Apple Users are losers. Apple is telling you what content you can have in their devices. You are like Zombies. Get a google devices and fight them.

I am on the "iPhone Blog" to read about news regarding iPhone... not the iPad.
I don't care about the iPad.

@ Lucas;
I tend to agree but we have to realize the iPhone, the iPad & the iPod touch are all of the same family since they all use the iPhone OS. Besides not much iPhone news right now. I'm waiting for OS 4.0 news then we will hear much less iPad stuff. Hang tough.

I think it would be great if there was a way to keep childish posts like the one From John off here. Then there would be more room to post usefull coments.

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