Nest learning thermostat helps iPhone users save energy

Former Apple iPod and iPhone hardware chief Tony Fadell has come up with a new way to imagine your home thermostat -- the Nest Learning Thermostat. It's a touch-controlled system that makes your home energy needs simple and easy to control remotely via an iPhone or iPad app.

The product is just a programmable thermostat. But the genius of Nest Labs is that it decided to make the iPhone of thermostats--a device that looks cool and is smart enough to spare the owner the frustrations of unfriendly technology.

According to Nest, the thermostat takes roughly a week to pick up on your energy routines and adjusts your temperature accordingly. A display changes colors to red or blue to distinguish between heating and cooling, and the design is very Apple-like. The greatest part about the Nest Learning Thermostat is the iOS app for your iPhone or iPad, letting your remotely adjust Nest's settings and get all the vital information you need on-the-go.

All-in-all, this looks like a great way to save on energy consumption with the help of your iPhone -- check out the full video demonstration below!

Source: CNet

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Reader comments

Nest learning thermostat helps iPhone users save energy


Kind of a misleading title. You don't need to have an iPhone to benefit from the Nest thermostat. You can also access remotely from any web browser, and Wired says they're working on an Android app too.

That's a stretch don't you think? So anything on earth that has an iPhone app, can be covered here under the same misleading context? Good to know...

Like has been said, It's an iPhone/iPod/iPad focused blog. Do most people reading this care that they're working on an Android app? Not really.
It's more interesting to see how former Apple employees have decided to go with their lives, and where they've decided to focus their time. Don't worry about the title and how it doesn't mention a web app or an Android app, and enjoy the article. Sheesh.

State Farm has an iPhone app... "State Farm helps iPhone users save money on car insurance." Then make the article is about State Farm car insurance in general, followed by the tidbit that they have an iPhone app. LOL thanks for helping me smile tonight. I needed that. :)
PS. Maybe add to the article that a former Apple employee works for State Farm too. Another tie-in! :)

Yeah pretty much, its not tapb its the tipb, im sure there is an android site similar somewhere that caters to whatever you are looking for!

@Miles, why do you assume I'm looking for an android site? I have two iPhone 4 (one for work and one personal), my wife has an iPhone 4, my daughters use our iPod Touch 4g. I'm subscribed to this site in my RSS feeds.
I actually WANT news about iPhones, iOS, etc.
It's just the "stretch" made in this post was a little too much, IMHO, and I felt like commenting about it. So I did. :)

Yeah and I have a thermostat in each room so I really can't see myself buying 7 of these...

There are lots of other thermostats that can be controlled via iPhone/web/other smartphone.....
.....and much cheaper than this one.

I am interested in knowing about the battery life... Do i really want to have regularly recharge another device?

This unit does not require a recharge, nor does it run on batteries. It draws power from your HVAC system wiring.