How to setup LockInfo for iPhone [Jailbreak]

LockInfo is a great app available to jailbreakers that once again fills a functionality gap -- this one making up for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad's poor notification system. Until Apple implements a better solution, David Ashman has done an incredible job supplementing notifications with LockInfo.

Even though LockInfo is an extremely intuitive and powerful app, the setup can be a bit tedious. But when you get it right, you'll be in notification heaven! Hit the jump for a quick guide and a video with some tips for optimally configuring LockInfo.

*As a side note, LockInfo is $4.99 right now, as of November 7, 2010 - that price will go to $7.99, so if you've been contemplating, you may want to jump on the current price. There is also a 14 day trial if you would like to test it out first.

First you'll need to purchase LockInfo from Cydia. After you've done that, you will configure it through your main iPhone settings panel. You'll see two sections you will use. The general LockInfo settings section and the Activator settings section.

Activator is a universal app that'll appear on its own once you have an app that supports it. It allows you to customize gestures to activate different apps. For example, I have Activator set to launch Infoshade for LockInfo when I hold down on the status bar. If I slide up from the bottom of my screen, it'll launch a QuickSend window for iRealSMS. So once you've got LockInfo configured, go ahead and set whatever gestures are comfortable for you.

LockInfo also has several plug-ins you can install via Cydia, which most if not all come at no additional cost. Everything from weather widgets, twitter, to do apps, RSS feeds, and more. I typically bypass a lot of plug-ins and here's why: battery life. The general notification plug-ins is pretty universal. If your apps push themselves, why install a separate plug-in to fetch info and sacrifice precious battery?

As far as Twitter notifications go, I use Boxcar. I also use it for Facebook. This way, I have one app that pushes for two. I've set Boxcar to launch my chosen Twitter client and to launch the Facebook app. So if I click any of these notifications from the homescreen, Boxcar will quickly put me right into my chosen client. Whether you use Boxcar, Notifo, or any other push notification app, it should work the same. Notifications will also be instant instead of polling at set intervals, like most plug-ins will require. LockInfo's default notifications feature will also aggregate IMs from Beejive and any other application that allows notifications, even games like Words With Friends. It'll simply suppress the default pop-up notifications and present them under the LockInfo notifications tab instead.

Within LockInfo, you'll be presented with 3 main views for information - lock screen, spring board, and Infoshade. While the first two are pretty easy to understand, Infoshade may not be. I find it best to compare it to an Android-style notification system. You can set a gesture in activator for Infoshade and it will simply drop down whenever you call it from the springboard gesture. So if you hear your e-mail chime in and you don't want to exit out of what you're doing, simply use your chosen gesture and Infoshade will drop down and present you with all your information. You can then quickly dismiss e-mails or notifications, or simply delete them. Mail also supports a quick view if you tap on an e-mail. If you'd like to respond, you can click the respond button and it'll launch your mail app. Or you can trash it from the quick view screen.

However you decide to set up LockInfo is up to you, these are just some helpful hints I've learned using it. If you've got more, be sure to share them in the comments for in our Jailbreak Forums!  Also, if you'd like to see something in future updates or have a feature request (or need technical help), check out David Ashman's webpage for LockInfo as well.

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How to setup LockInfo for iPhone [Jailbreak]


When I had a Blackberry, there were themes, and some apps (like PocketDay) that would show pertinent info on the home screen. Lockinfo is the next best thing for my iPhone. I use it on my lock screen to show recent messages, tasks, and appointments. Using Appigo Todo with the Toodledo sync allows me keep all this synced with my Outlook. Very handy and worth having.

I tried this once before and wasn't too impressed. It makes the lock screen way to cluttered for my liking

I had this about twelve seconds before deleting it. Never have found a decent lock screen worth keeping. They're all messy-looking.

@Allyson, The Frash player for jailbroken iPhones was causing the problem I was having. After removing that package and a quick reboot, I was able to see the videos as they were intended. I look forward to 'seeing' more posts from you !

Great video.. made me decide to finally JB my iPhone.
Once question about LockInfo. Is there a way to stop the screen from turning on when I get a new SMS?

No app, just hold the home button and press the lock button on top. Works without jailbreak!

@vlad @jrob
He is referring to the video, it's called display recorder. It is 4.99 in Cydia.
@fastlane @Tweger01 12 seconds probably wasn't long enough to configure it how you want. It shouldn't look cluttered or messy. You can make it extremely minimal if you choose. It's extremely customizable.
@Godsend yes intelliscreen is the same type of utility. I've used that too. People seem to favor LockInfo and requested a post so I went with it. I prefer LockInfo as well. Intelliscreen always looks messy to me and is a lot harder to configure.
@Jentino the way I have it configured i see no noticeable difference in memory or battery life. The more plugins you have polling will sacrifice memory and battery but I go easy on plugins

Lockinfo has gotten so much more powerful (and simple) since its Beta days! Wouldn't go a day without it anymore. I might have to turn infoshade on again- I never really used it before but now I see how it could be really useful!

@Jason M I believe there is a separate tweak in Cydia to do this or maybe the screen dim
Feature in LockInfo? Anyone that can help Jason out? The name of the Cydia tweak is escaping me

I use Lockinfo on a IPhone4. Time shown in lockinfo calendar is 1 hour
earlier than my actual calendar. Can anyone help. Thanks, Les from Arizona

@Les - I believe there are clock settings in the actual clock plug-in, also if you downloaded a different clock plug-in, i "think" some of them require you to SSH and change a file or tweak it for your timezone/city. Do you think that's the problem?

@Allyson The todo plugin works great I use it everyday if u need help with it just email me I will need to know what u have enable on it .

I have the same problem as Les. I am not using any clock plug-in. The problem seems to be with where Lock Info Calendar plug-in is getting its data. On my calendar app the appointments are at the correct time. Only when I look in lock info after mid november are the appointments one hour earlier. Lock-info is not pulling the time straight, it is trying to adjust savings time even though I am in a non savings state. Any ideas?

Just downloaded from Cydia and iPhone 4 is randomly turning on, respringing and then locking up forcing hard reboot :-O Removed app and all is fixed. Glad it works for others, must have some incompatible app or an iPhone gremlin.

I'm experiencing the same as some others here. I've got entries in my Gmail/iPhone calendar that are displayed in my Lockinfo calendar with a 1 hour difference. For instance clicking on the lockinfo entrie it will say '8:00-900' while it says in the iphone calendar: '9:00-10:00'. This all happened since switching time zones (from CET winter time to EDT summer time).
I'm hoping this problem will fix itself after the switch to savings time on sunday.

The switch to savings time fixed the 1 hour difference problem for me. Got timezone settings on automatic btw.

in reference to your "show count" question. un-check all the show count tabs in phone,mail etc. re-spring or re-boot phone. then re-check all the "show count" tabs. it should work, i have an ios4.1 and it worked.