Macworld: New iLife iPhoto 09 Integrates Slide Shows for iPhone

Not only did Apple introduce a new version of their flagship iLife 09 (see our MASSIVE Live Blog!), Phil Schiller demonstrated an awesome new feature for iPhone and iPod touch users: direct export of slide shows to iTunes!

Along with some truly gorgeous templates and amazing transitions, the ability to make them mobile -- so you can easily take them to show family and friends -- is killer for iPhone and iPod touch owners.

iPhoto 09, and the rest of iLife including the equally tremendous upgrade to iMovie, ships in late January free on new Macs, $79 for a single user, $99 for a family pack.


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Reader comments

Macworld: New iLife iPhoto 09 Integrates Slide Shows for iPhone


This is what Apple programmers waste their time on, yet another slide show app?
What happened to push for apps, copy paste, all the frikkin bugs causing battery drain, sms blackouts, and phone corruption seemingly at random.

@icebike: the iPhone team is probably still hard at work on those. Who says this wasn't already possible but just not used? You can play a slideshow; maybe this just lets iTunes push over stuff that gives you some options? (I honestly don't know how it works.)

Does anyone actually make and show photo slideshows to friends or family, on a computer or an iPhone or anywhere else? Serious question. I have never had even the slightest inkling of a desire to do so.

Me neither. Apple seems to put a lot of effort into iPhoto and I haven't even used half of it's old features yet. Take a photo, save it on your computer, done. Now it uses maps and all kinds of stuff. Whatever floats people's boats, I guess.

Hey guys, as a photographer, this addition is awesome. If I'm out shooting and I'm around potential clients, this just gives me another way to showcase my work. Currently I have a folder of pictures and I let people flick through them. With the slideshows it just adds a lot more visually -- especially since my website has flash slideshows and I can't view them on the iPhone.
I know this isn't for everyone, but there are a lot of people excited about this.
Great job Apple.

@Kris: Come on, Kris, if you want to have clients get a web site and put a portfolio on it. Anyone after my dollar handing me an iPhone to look at just went on the "you gotta be firkkin kidding me" list.
Seriously, Apple has always gone heavily after the graphics market, (although I can't say they are very good at it), but pushing that mentality onto the iPhone is the wrong solution on the wrong platform at the wrong time.

Am I wrong, or isn't this just an iPhoto feature where slide shows can be exported as video playable on the iPhone?

I agree, no-one wants to do a slideshow on an iphone, but I do want to show a Keynote presentation, via a microprojector. That would be useful - save me lugging a laptop around.

@Mike: You're completely right. This has nothing to do with iPhone updates. It's merely exported as a Movie which can be synced to your iPhone (or even iPod)