Macworld: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone Demo Video

The fine folks at Sling were kind enough to give TiPb a demo of their soon-to-be submitted to the Apple iTunes App Store SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone client and it looked all shades of sweet. In addition to great H.264 quality and video overlays, they went all the way and implemented "swipe to change channels". We. Want. This. Now.

Watch the video for the full on demo, and let us (and Sling, and Apple) know what you think.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Macworld: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone Demo Video


I've been waiting for this forever. Only issue is that I have already purchased the sling mobile for winmo back in the day. I should at least get a discount, but I'm pretty confident that won't happen.

Been waiting a long time for this as well. Nice work on getting an exclusive demo of it! You're the only one of all the major blogs that I subscribe to.
Pricing is tricky. They'd love to price it at $29.99 like they have with other mobile platforms, but as you know with any apps that have been ported over to the iPhone platform, is that the price is always lower, because of the extreme competitive pricing standard on the App Store.
I can't imagine the app would be more than $20, and could be $15, but no lower than $10. We can thank Apple and the beauty of active markets for getting such great prices on the App Store. :)

Can't wait for this. A useful (even if extremely lazy and slow) feature of this will be iPhone remote control of my TV!

Been waiting, most patiently, for this. I too had paid for the WinMo version that I used on my PoC Moto Q, but when I broke my contract to get out from under that terrible phone and got the iPhone instead, I lost my SlingStream....I want it!!!

If Apple kills this for any reason then that will be a shame and just prove there are serious issues with the app store. This looks awesome.

Could take it or leave it. Don't have time for it when I'm mobile, and I have a TV when I'm at home.

Ok for those of us who have SlingBoxes...this is a gift from heaven. If you use your I Phone as a time killer or entertainment feature, this is it. Orb doesn't work for me because I don't have the external TV tuner...that what I got the Sling for. They need to hurry up with this.

this looks brilliant, let's hope the app store aprove. It would be cool led next to the pool catching up on the football while the wife reads LOL.

Cool!! I can't wait for this App. I have been waiting for this since July 11, 2008. I will pay $100 for it now!!!!
Thanks for the video

dude if this pops up in the app store not only am i buying it. that same day im ordering a tivo and a sling box :)

I can't wait for this to be available. I will buy it as soon as it appears in the App Store

If you don't have a Slingbox but want the "remote TV" functionality the Orb could be a good alternative. I have Orb Live (paired with $50-ish TV Tuner card on a PC) and it works great via Wi-Fi or 3G. It's a much cheaper solution then the Slingbox. And you can do a lot more remotely from iPhone with Orb then "just" watch or record live TV. Namely, play and record internet TV/radio streams, play any music files stored on your PC (including iTunes library), browse all pictures or even read the documents (Word files, PDFs etc).

I've been waiting for this as well! In fact, I purchased my Sling Box Pro on the bet that they WOULD eventually release an iPhone version. I only had to wait about a year! :)
BTW, I fully expect this to be priced at the same price as the other mobile versions.... $29.99.

The video says 'iphone' but refers to wi-fi and 3g networks, will it work with the ipod touch? Lets hope ...

I'll be buying this the day it's released and I almost don't care how much it is. I just migrated from a WinMo phone (Samsung Blackjack II) and the slingplayer was my most used app on that phone. I'm getting the shakes from not having my slingbox fix. Come on sling and Apple!

I will buy it immediatly once released, regarding people comparing sling to orb , there no comparison, orb works only for either antenna or cable , it doesn't work for satelite free to air which slingplayer will. Can't waittttttttttt , hurry up please

I downloaded the app for my I phone works great. I work at DISH so I have been using this technology for a bit now and it works great. This is maximum value for my system, I can view all my recordings and watch news everything and it's great.