Mavericks Developer Preview 8 is available - developers, come and get it!

Mavericks Developer Preview 8 is available - developers, come and get it!

Apple on Monday released Mavericks Developer Preview 8, the latest pre-release build of OS X Mavericks specifically for registered Mac developers. The new release is available for download from the Mac App Store.

As is customary, the information surrounding the developer preview is covered under Apple's non-disclosure agreement with developers. But if you are a registered developer, you can sign in to the Mac App Store and download the new build right away. If you haven't yet installed Mavericks on a test machine, you'll first need to retrieve a download code from Mac Dev Center.

Are you looking forward to Mavericks, either as a developer or a user? What features are you most excited about? If you need a refresher about what's coming, check out iMore's Mavericks preview.

Peter Cohen

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kch50428 says:

Looking forward to AppleMaps on Mavericks and being able to send things from Maps on computer to my phone. Or iPad. :)

iGreg01 says:

Especially when planning a trip!

macharborguy says:

im looking forward to building a Hackintosh, just waiting to see what hardware compatibility issues may crop up with the hardware listed over at the TonyMacX86 website.

Becjr says:

I am certainly looking forward to better resource management under the hood.

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melwan says:

Did they redesign the Reminders app with this update?

SockRolid says:

Mavericks DP8 is much snappier than 10.8.5.
But no, Reminders looks pretty much the same to me.

jsntrenkler says:

DP8 is super solid, honestly all of the DP's have been great. Battery life has been fantastic still would like to see more of the iOS elements translated to the desktop experience.

SockRolid says:

Agree. iOS 7 makes Mavericks look pretty old-school.
I wonder when Apple will go with the iOS 7 "depth + layers" look in OS X.

PrimaryEvolve says:

Will Mavericks work on a 24" iMac late 2007 (Core2 Extreme)?

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PrimaryEvolve says:

4GB memory installed too.

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