Mavericks development reportedly winds down; GM expected imminently

Mavericks development reportedly winds down; GM expected imminently

OS X Mavericks is dangerously close to release and is expected to go Gold Master (GM) within the next few days to a week. That's the word from 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac claims that Mavericks' GM is past due, but that Apple has been whittling away at it to fix critical bugs prior to release. OS X Mavericks' specific release date hasn't been revealed by Apple, but it's been widely speculated that Apple will release Mavericks some time between the middle and end of October. Apple is expected to make its fiscal year 2013 fourth quarter earnings report in the same time frame, and often has an October event to introduce new Mac products.

OS X Mavericks was unveiled in June at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. It has a number of improvements like tabbed Finder windows, a new Maps app and a new iBooks app, along with under the hood improvements to efficiency, performance and battery use.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Peter Cohen

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Reader comments

Mavericks development reportedly winds down; GM expected imminently


@Peter This will be my first time ever upgrading to a new OS X on my Mac since I just switched to Mac a few months ago. Is it safe to take the jump as soon as it's released or should I wait incase any bugs or issues show up? How have past releases faired when they were loaded on your Macs?

I have been using Mavericks since WWDC, and installed it on my main HD with the last build a few weeks ago. A new build dropped today. I anticipate GM on 10/15.

My main machine is a 2008 iMac, and it runs great. I am always a day 1 person, but there could be issues that may take a few weeks to get resolved once in the wild with a 10.9.1

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If Mavericks is like iOS7 I would wait. I've experienced a couple rare bugs in iOS7 that caused complete data loss. Normally yes its safe, and everyone would probably tell you it's safe. Personally I don't want to take the chance with my laptop, so I'll wait until the first incremental update after Mavericks debuts.

I have also been using Mavericks for some time. There is no reason to wIat any more than there was a reason to wait for iOS 7.

I remember when I switched from Windows to Mac many years ago, the thought of upgrading an operating system seemed impossible. Generally for ordinary folk, if you wanted a new Windows OS you bought a new computer - updating just didn't work effectively. Now not only do we update our Mac OS, but it's a download not a disk. It is something wonderful that I never take for granted.

I like to update immediately and am happy to ride through any bugs. However I generally hold off updating the families computers until the system is quite stable, as they are not as technical and just want things to work without hassle. It also gives me time to play so I can answer their many questions.

Also for the first day or so the Apple servers can be put under immense pressure, which can lead to a slow or problematic download.

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