Microsoft offering limited number of free year subscriptions to Office 365 for iPad owners

Office 365

Along with today's big Microsoft Office for iPad announcement comes news of a special promotion offering a year's free Office 365 access to iPad owners. There are a couple of caveats, however, which include limited availability and the small detail that you need to go to a Microsoft retail store to claim it. ZDNet:

To promote the big launch, Microsoft is offering a one-year Office 365 subscription to the first 50 customers who bring an iPad into a Microsoft store. There aren't many Microsoft stores, so if your lucky enough to have one nearby and see iPad toting folks in your local store you know why.

So, if you live near a Microsoft store, grab your iPad and get down there first thing in the morning. The promotion starts tomorrow, Friday March 28, and runs for three days only. But with only 50 per store, they probably won't be around too long. Just don't forget your iPad!

Source: ZDNet

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Microsoft offering limited number of free year subscriptions to Office 365 for iPad owners


I'm guessing tomorrow morning will be too late. Don't they close 9 pm? Oh, you're trying to lull other iPad owners into complacency while you rush over right now.

I think there's one in the mall, but I'm not going to bother. M$ Office just isn't needed and hasn't been needed for over 10 years.

There's one near me in downtown Portland Oregon that opened up last year. Hope not too many people know about this deal so I can take my iPad 4!

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Thanks for the heads up. Microsoft Office and iPad/iPhone sync are probably the only 2 reasons why I still use my MacBook Pro, if I can get a free 365 subscription, and Office works on the iPad Air like I want it too, It will be the perfect tablet!! Will be waking up early for this!! The only thing I am still trying to figure out is if I can a 365 University subscription for the iPad, I have to hear any info on that.

Even at "free" I have no interest in this. Even though iWork took "several steps back" in last year's update, Apple has been true to their word and has made periodical updates. Still not tot the level of '09 but its usable for 85% of what I do.

After being stagnant for years the new iWork suite seemed a little rushed. Apple obviously knew the details with Microsoft were being finalized, I wonder if that made Apple release it before it was fully baked?

In line at the Mall of America. It's a ZOO!

Well for a Microsoft Store. About 25 people in line. T minus 2 minutes to store hours.

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I just picked up mine. Arrived at Columbus Circle in New York. I was 15th in line and waited around 20 minutes.

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Lol I went to Square One in MISSISAUGA
No Line. No one in the store. I was happy though got my free OFFICE!

I'm in Portland Oregon and there are only about 15 people 5 minutes before the Microsoft store opens at 10am. Can't wait to try it out!

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I went to the Galleria location in St. Louis and picked up my free subscription. There were 2 others there with me for Office365, but I don't know how many subscriptions they'd given out already.

Closet one I could find was in Arizona.. I'm in Texas. Welp. Haha but even at free I don't think it's something I'm that much interested in.

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Showed up at Century City here in Los Angeles at about 9:30am. It was sooooo dead that the employees were playing Titanfall on the Xbox One. One of them was so happy when I walked in thinking that I was actually interest in an LTE surface, only to disappoint him when I told him I only came in for the free Office 365 deal. Went to the Apple Store right after to see the employees actually busy before opening hours.

Same here! There were about 15 people waiting in line for the free Office at Microsoft. Only one had a question about a PC. I went to the apple store right after and it was packed!

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Why would I want to go into Microsoft store? Definitely not for this software. Is this how you want to get people into your store. Nice try.

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