Microsoft Office Mobile coming to iPhone?

The App Store already plays host to several mobile apps that allow users to view and edit documents and spreadsheets, but how about an official MS Office app for iOS that you can natively edit and view all MS Office formats in? Hints persist that it may be coming.  We'll have to call this one a rumor for now, but considering Bing is already available for the iPhone, it's plausible.  Apple and Microsoft seem to be playing nice lately, so we won't rule it out.

It seems a job posting for Microsoft may indicate this is the case.  The following is an excerpt from the posting:

"In addition to the current Windows Mobile 6.5 and upcoming WM7 clients, with the recently announced alliance between Microsoft and Nokia we are working to bring Office Mobile to hundreds of millions of Nokia smartphone owners, followed by other leading Smartphone platforms."

iOS is definitely a leading smartphone platform, but there's also others, so we'll just have to wait and see on this one. What do you guys think?

[WMPowerUser via WMExperts]

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Reader comments

Microsoft Office Mobile coming to iPhone?


Isn't iWork suppose to be coming? Not sure they would allow both in their app store for the same reason they rejected some of google services.

@Drew I don't think it would factor. Look at DocsToGo - people have preferences, most mac users will want iWork, while not having MS Office still leaves MS Office users in the dust. MS Office won't interefere at all with Mac uers who use iWork on their computers. Different formats all around.

They may not want it in the App Store, but such a refusal (unless it was on good technical grounds) would bring the regulatory bloodhounds baying. Nascent, nearly irrelevant apps like Google Voice were enough to make them sniff around, but were Apple effectively to block competing products in a mature category like office software, I would expect regulators on both sides of the Atlantic would come down fast and hard.
The morals of such an Apple move aside, unless mobile iWork itself becomes some MS-Office-level cash cow for Apple -- highly unlikely -- it is just not a risk worth taking for Apple.

I agree I'm just saying they reject apps the time because it conflicts with their services. Not saying they should or shouldn't but it's no secret that they have done that before. I personally would like MS office but cross platform doesn't matter since they both can be converted back and forth.

@Drew, yes they can be converted back and forth but that's counter-productive. I want a choice. i'd rather edit my iWork documents IN iWork and my MS Office documents with an office mobile program.
I agree with Copy of Dev completely.

Will this be first app that costs $299 or more? M$ already charges too much for their basic office suite.

I'd love to have Microsoft Office on my iPad, and I'd pay a premium for it -- maybe not $299, but if it provides more features than Pages, Docs to Go or Quickoffice, then it would be worth more. (I assume Office for iPad would not include Outlook, since the iPad already includes an e-mail app, but that's OK and I would be happy with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.)

Not to be a negative nelly but IMHO you are all wrong:
1) Regulation, competition, and the app store - Apple doesn't have to directly worry about regulators right now. The regulators are only bringing heat because the big american companies are pressuring them in order to slow down Apple. Apple's practices about the app store are neither desirable nor ethical but it's very hard to prove them illegal. That said, if they haven't been indicted by now, excluding MS office from the app store is not going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back, because it's just more of the same.
But Apple would be stupid to reject an office app because of MONEY. An office app will no doubt be heavily priced, and that would be pure profit direct to Apple. Apple makes 30%, remember? Apple will welcome the competition because whatever they price Office at, they will price Apple's apps lower.
2) I think office for iPad/iPhone will make a small splash but quickly taper off. The iPad has flexibility to consume content, but to create advanced content requires a full version of office. If this just another document reader like documents to go, I don't see this as being a big deal. If it's going to create content, then lack of a traditional keyboard will be an issue. Microsoft isn't creative enough to come up with anything more than a version of Office with all the current features jury rigged into iOS, and it will be expensive, cludgy, and unpopular. If it does fail, Apple will be happy to demonstrate it on there highly successful app store.
It's a win/win for Apple and it will be on the App Store and the commenters here will be the few people who will buy it.

I feel like Google's their arch nemesis these days, so maybe they'll bring to iPhone just to spite Android.

@deviladv that logic, Microsoft did not have to worry about bundling WMP to hurt Quicktime, because lawmakers did not come after them immediately when they bundled a free IE to hurt Netscape, or when lawmakers did not come after them during the alleged "DOS ain't done until Lotus won't run" days.
Simply put, companies do not have to worry about regulation until the moment they do. And when they do, it is a big deal. iWork would have to project to be a huge profit center to be worth that risk.
I do agree with you that Apple probably will not block Office apps, because even without legal entanglements it does not seem to be in their interests to do so.

I'm getting ready to start grad school and having Microsoft Office on my iphone would be so great. I could edit and adjust documents on the go as needed. No heavy lifting but for light stuff it would be nice.

How about Office on iPhone/iPad for free? No cut to Apple and it would most likely not be someone's primary installation of Office (that leans mainly towards and iPhone, though; very well could be primary for an iPad). And if kids in school could use it on the go, they would be more apt to buy a copy for their PC's later on.
I doubt its gonna happen, but the possibility is (slightly) there.

I would be willing to pay a hefty price for Word and PowerPoint. I miss my old Tilt for those two things alone.

You can already do it. I have ms works. Should have upgraded to ms office. Work sent me an excel file to edit. I sent it back. They said they could not open it. I put it in an emai attachment, and sent it to the iPhone. Opened it up in docs to go. Did the edit, sent it via the iPhone. Work said it came back as an excel file, and opened fine. So I can work with ms office using docs to go. Still it would be nice to have a ms office app

Why? Because Microsoft Word has a ton of features missing from the other iPhone/iPad word processors, and because Microsoft Word is the industry standard.

I bought new iphone last week, because i usually use walk n mail so i keep my word, pdf, etc. Files n folder in my cell but unfortunately i didn't find ms office in new cell so, plz. Advise me free of cost ms office download site

what is the deal with iphone and microsoft office i really want it on my phone this post was posted last year so what is going on is it coming to iphone or not coz it will be a great app for my college work