Microsoft Releases Bing SDK for iPhone


Bing Community Blog has announced that Microsoft is "sprinkling some Cocoa" on their Bing. (No laughing!):

The Bing iPhone and Mac SDK is available for download on CodePlex, open source under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

The SDK provides:

  • The ability to easily query Bing from within your Cocoa or Cocoa Touch application.
  • Perform both synchronous and asynchronous queries.
  • Search Bing for Web, Image, Video, News, and Phonebook results.

We hope that you'll be able to make some great Cocoa/iPhone apps that harness the power of Bing!

Happy Bing-ing!

Of course, the iPhone's default search is Google, with Yahoo! as an option, and Bing will soon be powering Yahoo! search, so it's ipso de post facto (pardon the Latin-ish) it's already there, but still it will be interesting to see what kind of iPhone apps come of -- and leverage -- this. We just hope it really makes an awesome "BING!" sound whenever a query hits the index...

[via Macworld]

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Reader comments

Microsoft Releases Bing SDK for iPhone


Good to see Microsoft supporting the iPhone. Not a fan of google, and it's getting worse.

yawn Maybe Google's evil factor is growing, but are we really supposed to get excited by yet another search engine?

If competition is good in mobile platforms it is equally good in search and online service offerings. I'm happy to have an alternative to Google and to be honest I'm currently using Bing more than Google.

I love Microsoft but I love google too. Nothing will take me away from googling.

Have never used Microsoft anything... and never use Google. It's always been Mac and Yahoo, since both their beginnings, for me.