Microsoft's Office Suite Coming to iPad?


According to the gadget website T3, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Mike Tedesco recently let it be known that the Seattle based company is currently toying with the possibility of creating a version of their Office suite for Apple's iPad.


blockquote>"Yeah, it's something that we're looking at," said Microsoft's Mike Tedesco, who is the Senior Product Manager for WindowsBU. "Obviously the announcement (of the iPad) is really fresh and there's nothing to announce or nothing that I can talk to you about today. We've had tablet technology forever and both Windows 7 and Windows Vista automatically detect that and you can be running your Office on there."

This is great news as it is has the ability to attract a huge sector of business users to the iPad. Perhaps this is just a sign of things to come between Apple and Microsoft. We first heard the rumor of the two companies trying to oust Google by making Bing the default search engine on iPhone. Now we learn Microsoft is interested in Office on iPad and what's next, Office on iPhone?

[via MacRumors via T3]

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Reader comments

Microsoft's Office Suite Coming to iPad?


I hope this is true. It would make my decision easier when I buy one. I will finally be able to leave my laptop home during business trips.

Quite a lot of Office's appeal is the cooperation between applications, and that documents of different types can be embedded in each other. I would think that would require the same sort of shared document space that Apple has explicitly banned, starting with last week's Stanza saga. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft does need that, if they try to use it, and if Apple allows it for somebody like Microsoft, or denies them/comes up with an alternative.

Good stuff! MS & Apple should work together to stop Google using their search monopoly to take over other markets.

If Microsoft actually did this, it woúd admit its defeat in the tablet technology which would be nothing but wrong. Personally, Id like to compare the newest HP tablet PC and Apple's iPad. But if I was asked now if I wanted HPs or Apples tablet, Id say HP...Simply because I do not see why I should be forced to waste my time jailbreaking the iPad just to use proper apps. For the iPhone it's not that much of a problem...
But I already have an iPhone which is a combination of an mp3 player and a phone. Why should I need a netbook ipo additionally, anyway?

Microsoft is based in Redmond.
I agree with Fassy, the sandbox concept has to be expanded a bit for this to be useful. You have to be able to get/put documents via wifi, email, or usb.
Apple would be well advised to simply create a common user storage space for all user data, and let all the apps play in the whole playground instead of the sandbox. This parochial idea that Steve knows best just has to go, or this thing will never make it in the business world.

I think the article and comments ignore one little fact. Microsoft drops hints like these to protect its cash cows. They've seen a nice product that a lot of us will buy, and it only has Apple's office suite available to it. I'm sure I'm not unique in that I've never looked at Apple's office applications, but with their availability on the iPad at a decent price, of course I'm going to look. That's all Microsoft is doing...delaying the early adopters from messing with Apple by holding the possibility of Microsoft Office for iPad over their heads. This is how they've done business for years.

Apple and Microsoft form an unlikely alliance against intercontinental information giant Google which wants to rule the inquisitive minds of every human on Earth. The Borg are back, baby. Will former rivals Superman and Batman be able to mount their own offensive and prevail to save the day one more time? Or will Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs (and that Dell dude, his name was Steve, too!) succumb to their respective (albeit very few) human imperfections against the evil collective that is ready to assimilate every app on every iPod in an intergallactic search war for Earth's most precious resource: cellular spectrum on the 850 band for better in-building Twitter coverage which is only made worse over AT&T's crummy 3G network. There is no i in Borg...Jailbreak this, bi*ch! Resistance is futile.

@M: If MS did make a touch-optimized Office, it would be more than MS actually did for its own Tablet PC. Which is I guess what you're saying.

I'd love it if this came true. All I know how to use is office..
Except for that odd 8th grade year, years and years ago where we used macs.
And this is random but wouldn't it be cool if the maxipad could run office and some type of stylus ( or finger tip writing ) recognition so you could "write" quick notes ( or brainstorming sessions )Most people including me still use pen and paper to come up with a rough draft and to write a basic outline and / or notes.

That'll be in 3.2. It's how iPad iWork will work. Of course, 3.2 still hasn't been officially announced for the iPhone.

Until MS Office is available on the IPAD,I think I may be better off with a netbook than an IPAD, although I really like the touchpad idea and love my IPhone. I am neither a fan nor an opponent of MS but whatever I use has to get the job done. Many of the files I have to view and update are MS Office files. That's just the way it is. I hope this is resolved soon.

Microsoft needs to make an Office app for the iPad.
Personally, I would get rid of my personal & work laptops and stick with the iPad.
Hurry up Microsoft!!