Mobile Safari for iPhone beats out Windows Phone 7 browser with ease

The video above shows how Safari on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S trounce the Windows Phone 7 browser without even breaking a sweat.

Mobile Safari is one of the most advanced mobile browser currently available, and it's clear that competitors have a lot of catching up to do.

The proof is in the pudding, folks.

Source: YouTube

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Andrew Wray

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Reader comments

Mobile Safari for iPhone beats out Windows Phone 7 browser with ease


Interesting, because Joe Belfiore in the Mango launch event, showed an iPhone 4, running iOS 4.xx against a WP device running Mango, and the iPhone got trounced, I'm calling shenanigans on Belfiore's part.

I believe iOS 5 brought with it the Nitro Javascript rendering engine, which was lacking in iOS 4.x. This would explain the WP7 "Mango" demo video beating out Safari in the past, prior to iOS 5.

Nitro is a javascript engine only, and has nothing to do with rendering, except when DOM elements are created/manipulated in javascript. Of course, there may have been other improvements to WebKit's rendering engine during the same release, but they would be independent of nitro.

And this benchmark is nothing more than a lot of JavaScript. Again not real world for everyday use. They all pass Acid3 with 100/100. This means that HTML5 is rendered right which is what the average use will end up caring about.
I am curious how many times Mobile Safari (on iOS 5) crashed during these tests? It is the most crash prone mobile browser I have used.

I'm pretty impressed with browsing on the Galaxy Nexus as well. I have not used the 4s yet but I can't imagine it to be much different.

I ran this on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5 (the one shown in the video was running on the outdated iOS 4.3) and I got much better results, not far behind the iPhone 4S!

I don't use safari on the iphone just because it sucks. Other browsers are a lot better for mobile applications than safari.

Apart from these childish gimmicks "Windows Phone Mango" is the best mobile OS till date.

Interesting.. I ran this on BB 9900 and It beat out the window phone 7 browser, of course it did not beat out safari. 44461..

No one cares! Yet another pointless test, all 3 phones work perfectly well at viewing websites, end of. Benchmarks are made to stress test a device in a way that no normal website would so it really doesnt matter. I thought tipb was above this "my dad's bigger than your dad" rubbish. Some bias is expected but racing browsers for benchmark points, c'mon

Benchmarks don't really prove anything in terms of actual use and they can be hideously variable.
I really though tipb was above this kinda stuff. Maybe do a sweep of all comparable devices, but showing iPhones up against probably the worst mobile browser around atm doesn't prove anything what so ever.