myAT&T for iPhone updated with better interface and more account management options

myAT&T for iPhone updated with better interface and more account management options

The myAT&T app for iPhone has just been update to version 3.0.1 which may seem like a small point release but there's actually quite a bit there. If you use the myAT&T app to pay your bill straight from your iPhone, you will immediately notice a brand new interface.

While the biggest update was to the actual interface itself, a few more features make an appearance that make handling your accounts quicker such as fast account switching for folks that have more than one AT&T account login. If you were experience crashing issues when attempting to make a payment, those should now be addressed as well.

I noticed while digging through sub menus that anything you have to load the full site for will now load much better in-app which makes editing your account options almost completely mobile. You may find yourself having to use the actual website occasionally but the update definitely adds a lot of welcome features.

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Reader comments

myAT&T for iPhone updated with better interface and more account management options


Just switched to AT&T recently, and I was wondering if this app also works for the pre-paid customers or would I have to continue to use the mobile site?

I updated and can't log in. I keep getting an error message saying I need the latest version of the app, which I already have.

I did that and still get the error message and I'm not the only one. Every review since the update says the same thing

This wasn't a point release. 3.0 was released yesterday but had a problem with the login. They almost immediately put out 3.0.1 which fixed that, at least for me it did.

Yeah Jekim is right. 3.0 was released at about 2am est on 8-22-13 and was totally screwed I know cause I updated to it. The app completely disappeared from the App Store for most of the day I know cause I had deleted the screwed version. And kept checking the App Store for the app. I didn't get 3.0.1 until that afternoon. And it's not that much better. It took me three tries before it finally let me log in

I couldn't log in either for a while. It showed my phone number and a spinning wheel. I was starting to think it was iOS 7 related. Reload, no help. Then I just started closing, restarting, and touching the screen everywhere. Somehow, it started working. I don't know what I did, but persistence might pay off if you are having issues.