myAT&T for iPhone updated with better interface and more account management options

myAT&T for iPhone updated with better interface and more account management options

The myAT&T app for iPhone has just been update to version 3.0.1 which may seem like a small point release but there's actually quite a bit there. If you use the myAT&T app to pay your bill straight from your iPhone, you will immediately notice a brand new interface.

While the biggest update was to the actual interface itself, a few more features make an appearance that make handling your accounts quicker such as fast account switching for folks that have more than one AT&T account login. If you were experience crashing issues when attempting to make a payment, those should now be addressed as well.

I noticed while digging through sub menus that anything you have to load the full site for will now load much better in-app which makes editing your account options almost completely mobile. You may find yourself having to use the actual website occasionally but the update definitely adds a lot of welcome features.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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Vanti says:

Just switched to AT&T recently, and I was wondering if this app also works for the pre-paid customers or would I have to continue to use the mobile site?

iydomngzh says:

I also want to know if it works for prepaid users accounts?

ladyc0524 says:

I updated and can't log in. I keep getting an error message saying I need the latest version of the app, which I already have.

rdstryr says:

Delete and download again

ladyc0524 says:

I did that and still get the error message and I'm not the only one. Every review since the update says the same thing

jekim says:

This wasn't a point release. 3.0 was released yesterday but had a problem with the login. They almost immediately put out 3.0.1 which fixed that, at least for me it did.

Jo2reco says:

Yeah Jekim is right. 3.0 was released at about 2am est on 8-22-13 and was totally screwed I know cause I updated to it. The app completely disappeared from the App Store for most of the day I know cause I had deleted the screwed version. And kept checking the App Store for the app. I didn't get 3.0.1 until that afternoon. And it's not that much better. It took me three tries before it finally let me log in

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Ah that explains it. Thanks! I must have not seen the 3.0 update come thru.

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025899 says:

I couldn't log in either for a while. It showed my phone number and a spinning wheel. I was starting to think it was iOS 7 related. Reload, no help. Then I just started closing, restarting, and touching the screen everywhere. Somehow, it started working. I don't know what I did, but persistence might pay off if you are having issues.

025899 says:

If you get your phone and number and spinning wheel, it CANCEL quick.