Beats tweets out awkward Pill + Siri video [Update: Pulled]

New Apple ad shows Siri marching to the beat of Beats

The Beats Twitter account shared a link to a strange video that shows an anthropomorphized pair of pill speakers talking to an invisible incarnation of Siri's voice, celebrating Apple's acquisition of Beats.

The Beats Pills ask Siri for the direction to "Dre's party," to which Siri responds that the party is "by invitation only." When the Beats Pills ask for further instructions, Siri's closing line is, "Sorry, I didn't get that."

It's a bizarre video and while it shows Apple's logo at the end, isn't something in style or tone that Apple would produce.

What do you think of it?

Update: The tweet has been deleted and the video removed. Speculate away as to why that might be...

Source: Beats

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Reader comments

Beats tweets out awkward Pill + Siri video [Update: Pulled]


No. This wasn't written by Rene, probably because he would have recant some of the abuse he's dissed out to Samsung in the past for their bad ads.

This ad was terrible. From the voice used by the Pills, to the dry tone of Siri...It was beneath Apple to even sign off on this.

I actually forgot to check who wrote it. My bad. And yes, it was quite a sorry ad. Buuut no matter how good their ads can be, it's not going to convince me to drop the money for an iPhone. Too many other upgrades to be had, my phone can wait.

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I didn't like the Chicken Fat music in the Strength ad.

I do like the new Dreams ad.

Please don't let that make you angry at the universe.

I thought this actually was a positive spin on the "negative" of Siri. The "male" Pill wanted some special privilege from Siri by giving him the address to the party. Being that the party was invite only, Siri responded with "Sorry, I didn't get that," acting like she was ignoring him, or "couldn't hear him." Don't know if you were being sarcastic saying you guys didn't get it, but I thought it was pretty funny.

I'm not a fan of Beats headphones at ALL but the big Beats Pill actually sounds decent and loud. If I'm going to drop $300+ on headphones I'm going with Sennheiser or AKG or something but never Beats.

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This ad is not on the official Apple youtube channel. I don't believe Apple did sign off on it and Beats may have taken some liberties in creating/releasing this. Everything about this is strikingly different from anything Apple has done in the past (even their bad ads).

This has to be some sort of snafoo, if not then wow! I'm mostly surprised that its still available to watch.

I suppose it could have been an internal message for the employees of both companies and never meant to be seen by the public but who knows.

Either way Apple, get this pulled already.

The ad was definately targeted at the Beats demographic. And in that sense it works. Think about it. But it has now been pulled, apparently.