You won't believe what Foursquare has done with its iPhone app...


As promised a few days ago, Foursquare has released a new version of its app for the iPhone that includes a revamped design, a new logo and more new features.

Here's a general description of the new app from the official Foursquare blog:

"The new Foursquare frees you from having to read long, random reviews, wondering if those people share your tastes. With Foursquare, find things based on your tastes, the places you like, and the friends and experts you trust most."

Foursquare has also released a new video showing the new app in action. What do you think of the new Foursquare app?

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Reader comments

You won't believe what Foursquare has done with its iPhone app...


I think that Yelp allows me to do discovery, checkin and reviews in one app.
I think that I never used Foursquare for anything other than checkin anyway.
I think that I have deleted Foursquare and Swarm and it's they're own fault if they go under because they aren't prepared to listen to their users.

Also, for good measure, I am not installing Facebook Messenger, I just went back to the same place I was when they first introduced chat a few years ago - permanently signed out.

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After they removed the check in feature from Foursquare the app and its service is pretty useless. Why would I want to check in with Swarm, then go back to Foursquare to read reviews etc. ? Mindless.

Foursquare are shooting themselves in the foot IMO. I've deleted it and use swarm to check In. For reviews I've gone back to using Yelp.

I decided to stop using both... i used Foursquare for years to check in all over the world (about 1500 checkins, 100 tips), then FourSquare forced me to use Swap,
Since a few days Swap starts to push extra windows after checking in (like saying: "great, its Tuesday today"...) and by doing so, my share buttons to publish the same text quickly to twitter and facebook are suddenly hidden en do not show up anymore.
So FourSquare/Swap: goodbye!

Yeah, this does nothing for me. I've always used other apps that were dedicated to this stuff anyway, Foursquare was more of a game. I liked collecting badges and earning points when I was bored. Now that that's gone, it's not worth the space it takes up on my phone.

Agree. Lame, click bait headline with zero content (other than quoting the Foursquare blog and embedding their video). Lazy-assed "journalism".

If I wasn't done with Foursquare before this, I am now.
The update is horrible. Honestly, these features should have been a new app. Changing the core functionality of an app we've used for years is just bad juju...

Further, by forcing me out of Foursquare to check in using a different app tells me Foursquare doesn't want me anymore.

I just can't believe it!! Actually, what's the big fkn deal?! Why is foursquare still around? Who cares?

I feel like I'm in the minority when I say I actually like Swarm (and I'll probably download the new Foursquare just to check it out then immediately delete it). I just wish Swarm brought the mayorships back and not just among friends. There was a hotel I stayed at when I was at a dance festival in the Netherlands (Defqon 1) where the Foursquare mayor actually had their own parking spot. It was marked and everything and I thought that was kind of cool. Now stuff like that is pretty much worthless.

I can actually see this being a great move. The new app feels a lot like Beats Music app when it come to curation, and thats a good thing!

Beats will be gone soon enough too. With everything moved to the iCloud servers, it's pretty obvious what the next step is.

iTunes Radio gains tracks, Beats goes away and Apple effectively destroys their competition by buying them out.

I honestly have to say, this is the last straw. The app looks horrible (why swap out the blue tones for white and pink??) and honestly isn't doing anything Yelp can't handle. Swarm sucks and is just an app for app's sake, especially since it only allows you to see nearby friends/who are using Swarm. Smh

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No idea what Foursquare is thinking. The splitting of the app is completely unnecessary and wasteful. And is just me or does it take longer to check-in on Swarm than it did on the Foursquare app? I really loved Foursquare but am leaning toward deleting both apps. Sad.

I deleted foursquare when it wanted me to download swarm for checkins.

If I want reviews, I'll rely on Yelp, as well.

I guess I'm one of the few who is going to give the new Foursquare a chance. I used to use an app called Ness, but it got shelved when Open Table bought it. I really miss Ness. This new Foursquare reminds me of Ness due to personalizing places to eat or things to do. Yelp is cool but I never was a huge fan of the UI. Yelp just isn't fluid enough for me and feels dated.

It's kinda pointless. I can do all that in Google or checkin on Facebook. And then there's yelp. ....yea. Thanks but no thanks. I checked it out and uninstalled. The game is over for them.

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I've always preferred Localscope - consolidates Yelp, Foursquare, Google, Wikipedia and many other services to find POIs and then shows directions in Maps and 3rd party transit apps. No logging in or checking in required.

I read that this was coming and it showed up in the update I just got and I hate it. I think I will be deleting it from my phone.