New iPhone App Store Ads... Will Change Everything

Already seen Dark Knight like 5 times and itching for some new content to fill your Saturday night? Well, if you're into short form, Apple has your fix of three all new, all App Store-focused new iPhone ads.

Featuring Lonely Planet phrases, the Cro-Mag rally game, and the location aware Vicinity app, the ads highlight how quickly and elegantly App Store downloads and installs work (insert your own crash joke here), and how the Phone App is still king -- interrupting your conversation, gaming, and sightseeing whenever a call comes in.

Continuing to showcase function -- almost the polar opposite of the Mac "Switcher" ads -- these make for a pretty smart next step in iPhone marketing, especially when it comes to the new tag line:

This changes everything.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

New iPhone App Store Ads... Will Change Everything


I noticed somethings about this app that are misleading (at least for me).

  1. The "install" button doesn't always work, sometimes it goes back to "buy"
  2. They don't install that fast.
  3. The app store always asks me for my username and password even for free apps.

these adds are so misleading. I know they only have 20 seconds or whatever to get their point accross, but they don't show you typing in your iTunes password, waiting freaking 10 minutes for Cro-Mag to install, and then waiting for it to load, and then crashing when someone calls you.
Furthermore, no page ever loads that fast, not even over wifi!
I say go back to the dog on the skateboard, OR the Mac vs PC commercials