NFC finally comes to the iPhone - but there's a catch

NFC finally comes to the iPhone - but there's a catch

Incipio has released its rumored NFC-enabled case that will enable tap-to-pay on the iPhone. The Incipio Cashwrap works exclusively with the ISIS Mobile Wallet app for AT&T Mobility, and is available today for $69.99. Using the app requires the case, and the Cashwrap is the only case of its kind, according to the announcement:

Using the Incipio Cashwrap™ Case, consumers with an iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S can utilize the Isis Mobile Wallet® to pay and save at stores with just a tap of their smartphone. The Isis Mobile Wallet holds participating payment and loyalty cards, as well as offers. The Incipio® Cashwrap™ Mobile Wallet Case is the only Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile solution for iPhone 5/5s.

Are you excited about NFC payments coming to the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Business Wire, Incipio, AT&T

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NFC finally comes to the iPhone - but there's a catch


This is great and all but I'm starting to feel left out in the cold with the lack of accessories for the 5c.

Yes we had to choose between 5₵ or 5$, bet on which is receiving more attention.

Honestly this look great,... but this also look to be quite a restricted usage for 69.99$. I don't think it will worth that much.

Why not simply integrate NFC technology in phone devices and follow the lead to which the all industry is moving to.

I have Att, iPhone 5S... But ISIS? AT&T only? $70? I'll pas. I am one of the rare people who always still carries cash, and as long as cash is still an acceptable form of payment, I WILL NOT let Att have anything to do with how I do or don't pay for anything other than my Att phone bill!!!

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ive never understood why i'm supposed to need NFC. I go to starbucks and pay with the app or passbook. Whether it's a scanner or nfc i could care less about the tech particulars. all i care is i show my phone and pay. they have nfc at the gas station and i still prefer to just pay the regular way.

NFC is so much more than mobile payments - in fact, it's everything but mobile payments in my opinion. For example, I have business cards with NFC tags, so if someone has an NFC capable phone, they can just read the contact details directly from the tag to their phones. I can also quickly connect to my wireless speakers and headset using NFC. I also put an NFC tag beside my bed and programmed it to set my phone into airplane mode and set an alarm at 6:00 in the morning. That is what you can do with NFC capable phones, which does not work with iPhone.

I'm not going to give up my lifeproof case for this. You either need a waterproof case or something that can be used with other cases.

I think apple will build that technology in the iphone soon enough.

As a lover of technology I can only say Google's 4.4 update allows any Android device with NFC the ability to use Mobile Payment Apps without needing a Secure Element.
This is a step forward for IOS users, but it is also something that Android Google Wallet users know all too much about.

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NFC is still, mostly, a non-starter and with Apple's iBeacons (which many consider to be a superior technology) about to expand out, NFC might go the way of the Dodo. In fact, NFC will probably die on the vine within two years.

I use NFC everyday to pay for coffee (Tim Hortons). It's great. no need to fumble for change or credit card. 2 of the 5 big five Canadian banks have launched NFC, hopefully the other three get on board. It's actually more secure that your credit card because your device has a password. In a regular NFC credit card, small purchases under $25 or so tony need you to enter your PIN.

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