Official Apple Find my iPhone app now in App Store

Find my iPhone for iPhone

Apple has released an official Find my iPhone app, and it's a universal binary for both iPhone and iPad. (Yes, it's still called Find my iPhone on the iPad and iPod touch, what's in a name?)

It works pretty much as you'd expect -- enter your MobileMe login (it asks for the password each time, which might annoy you until you realize someone could use it to track you or your family members), see a list of your devices, tap one to locate it, send it an alert, lock it, or remotely wipe it.

I couldn't get locate or alert working in my quick tests, but it could still be rolling out. I'll try again later. If you installed it, let me know how it's working for you.

iPad screenshot after the break.

[iTunes link]

Find my iPhone for iPad

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Reader comments

Official Apple Find my iPhone app now in App Store


So basically with this you will find your iphone that youre holding in your hand and you can see it on the same map that the Map App offers!? :roll:

That, or lose your iPhone, use ANOTHER one to get this app and find yours.. Works great, tested it out finding my wife's iPhone. Great app!

Think of it this way, if ur iPhone happen to get stolen u can track the phone n go hunt tht person down =]

I'm still trying to figure how I can use the "find my iPhone" app if I can't find my iPhone. Ummm it's lost or stolen therefore I can't use the app. Am I the only one lost on this issue?

I'm guessing the app has to be on your phone so you can activate the software from a COMPUTER to locate the phone. Anyone know if this is right?

You have to have two devices to make it work. Like an iPod, iPad, or second iPhone. I'm installing it on my 3GS for my iPhone 4. Otherwise you dont need it. You use a computer. As an aside, why are all the new Apple app icons so ugly?

Andrea, I agree! That was my point with first post here.
Yyjhgv, You could use the Find My iPhone a year ago without the app on the phone. I guess what this can do is that you can also find OTHER iphones with your iphone.

The point is you can use your spouses, friends or heck even a complete strangers iPhone to log into your MobileMe account (it doesn't save your login info) and find your iPhone you lost. The app does not need to be on the phone your tracking. I'm a little worried that this had to be broken down so far. It's pretty much common sense.

Does this track your phone via the SIM card? So if your phone is stolen and they remove your SIM card and put in theirs will it still find the phone via the IMEI(sp?) number?

Please stop explaining to the nimrods why this is useful and why they don't need their own phones. :roll:

For me, Find my Phone is the ONLY compelling feature of Mobile Me. Google has all the other bases covered to my satisfaction, but I'd love to be able to buy just this one piece by itself.

I have MobileMe and used it simply for the Find My iPhone feature but after figuring out that I can either turn off my iPhone or take out the SIM and quickly render this feature useless I'm not so sure I'll renew my subscription. I know criminals aren't smart but it doesn't take that much brain power to figure this out.

take out all periods cept where they belong
iphone 4.0 on 3gs....ur welcolme!!!!

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