Official iPhone Qik App Brings TWiT's Live!

Chief TWiT Leo Laporte just streamed live from his iPhone via the official (non-Jailbreak) version of the Qik App, which he says should be available in the App Store soon.

All the rage last year in the blogsphere, many iPhone users were stuck carrying around a Nokia 95 just for Qik live streaming. Perhaps, no longer!

Check out the recording to get an idea of the quality. Looks like it doesn't handle motion very well, but is otherwise fairly decent. Still, we have to wonder, what will this do to AT&T's "rabbit ear" 3G network?

Either way, we can't wait for this App to drop!

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Rene Ritchie

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Official iPhone Qik App Brings TWiT's Live!


Looks about the same as the jailbroken version. I've noticed two updates to the jailbroken Qik application in the week or two. I'm guessing the "real" Qik is almost identical to the "jailbroken" Qik, and they're just working the bugs out with lots of beta testers the jailbreak way rather than just a handful using the adhoc iTunes App Store method.