Oklahoma State University find the iPad has a positive impact in an academic environment

A recent trial of iPads by the Oklahoma State University has delivered some extremely positive results for the Apple tablet. The trial, which took place in the fall of 2010 showed an increase in pace of the course, reaching traditional benchmarks sometimes weeks in advance.

“We put this powerful and creative tool in the hands of faculty and students and the end result reached beyond enhancing the academic experience of our students,” said OSU President Burns Hargis. “The report outlines a possible decrease to student and administrative expenses, increased productivity, and how the iPad crosses between academic and personal barriers.

Each class was given the opportunity to use the iPad how they wished but focus was always on specific measurable outcomes. These included expense impact, viability as an E-reader and overall enhancement to a student’s academic experience. After the trial, it was recommended that the university consider full deployment of iPads for all students.

Do any of our readers attend schools or universities that utilize iPads? Do you use your own iPad to help you with your studies? Let us know in the comments!

[Oklahoma State University]


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Reader comments

Oklahoma State University find the iPad has a positive impact in an academic environment


That's pretty cool. I wish the iPhone and iPad were around when I was in college. Would have made my life a lot easier.

I use my iPad for school daily. Combined with Goodreader and a scanner, it's a fantastic tool. it's small and light and comes on instantly. The long battery life is another plus. When I'm studying, I notice a huge difference in how quickly I need to plug in my brand new laptop versus how long my iPad (also relatively new) lasts! Not once have I been unable to get through an entire day of heavy use with my iPad. My laptop requires charging within a few hours. For typing lengthy documents though, you really need a keyboard.

I think a light laptop would still be much better and more efficient to have for college. I could see ipads being useful in preschool or kindergarten though.

I think it depends on your major. For a more technical major a ULV even one of the hybrid ULV/Tablets would certainly be better.
If I'd had one of those plus an e-ink display ereader for textbooks in school, that would have been perfect.

Haha seriously? Kindergarten?
I actually use my iPad daily at school, and I am a graduate student at the University of San Diego (not kindergarten).
Sadly, a lot of professors still don't allow technology in the classroom, except the business school. The iPad is great to keep in my backpack being a super slim device, my laptop would be too heavy or bulky to carry around daily. I have also typed 10+ page papers on it, without a Bluetooth keyboard.
Makes my life so much easier, I'm glad I have it for school.

Btw, TiPB, why do you guys keep blocking my name? Am I really posting spam? It's getting annoying to keep adding numbers on to my name since you're blocking my other ones.

Let's just say I'm skeptical. I worked full time while carrying 15-18 hours a semester when I went and paid for it. I have an MBA and CPA. My GPA was around a 3.5 which wasn't too bad given the time restrictions.
While an ipad may sound good, i can't see it making things easier. I want to type that paper on MS Word or a spreadsheet in Excel and know it's not being converted (as they are on the ipad). I wanted to be take advantage of the best tools possible to get things done quickly as possible and that is a laptop.
I was never one to take a lot of notes in class. Personally I've always felt it better to simply pay attention. Handwriting was quicker (especially in math classes) and allows for better consumption of content.
Cramming or even completing a project usually involved having a lot of (paper) sources open at once. With an ipad, you'd have to go back and forth on one device. No thanks. And then there's the eye strain of constantly using a device. No thanks again.
I could see an ipad being a great tool for taking tests like the CPA exam. I could imagine an awesome prep app. Or video lectures.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta currently uses the iPad in the Students Association for surveying their members, are recenly looking at allowing students to purchase their textbooks and downloading them onto their iPads or other iOS devices. Also, recenly launched was the Apple Developer Certificate. So the future definitely looks bright for the iPad and iPhone here. :)

Why?? Who paid them to say that? Apple? Not sure lol all students should refrain from using laptops because iPad will save the day. They will be able to do almost anything with it. Even invent new things. Write research papers. Engineering students will be able to create their models. Lol seriously tho there's something really wrong with America. Their education system is flushed in the toilet. Everything is being taken over by corporate.

will completely replace textbooks once it gets a retina display and a hybrid color e-ink display...within 3 years lets hope.