OS X Mavericks to feature new Finder Tabs

OS X Mavericks to feature new Finder Tabs

Finder will be receiving some nice updates in the next iteration of OS X, Mavericks. One of the biggies will be Finder Tabs. Instead of opening several Finder windows, you'll be able to use Tabs instead.

Tabs will function much like we're already used to in Safari. If you want to drag a document from one place to another, you'll no longer need to open multiple Finder windows in order to do so. Simply open a new tab and drag the document or file to the new tab.

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OS X Mavericks to feature new Finder Tabs


give us back the option to modify or use colered icons in the finder sidebar. I have at least 7 external hard drives daisy chained to my iMac, generic gray icons drive me crazy.