OS X Mavericks offers better power management

OS X Mavericks offers better power management

OS X Mavericks will feature better power management, according to Apple senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi. Unveiled at WWDC 2013 this morning, Mavericks will reduce CPU utilization by up to 72 percent using a feature called "Timer Coalescing."

New features include Compressed Memory: Mavericks compresses inactive memory instead of writing it out to disk as a swap file. This not only improves power management but also boosts responsiveness, up to 1.4x for Macs working under load, and up to 1.5x for Macs waking from sleep. App Nap helps direct power only to applications running that need it.

All told, good news for laptop users looking to extend battery life.

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OS X Mavericks offers better power management

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