Perfect Photo 2.0 brings red eye removal and spot healing to iPhone [give-away]

You can say goodbye devilish red eyes and blemishes with Perfect Photo 2.0 for iPhone. The popular photo editing application has just released a significant update that, in addition to red eye removal and spot healing, also includes:

  • Retina display support
  • New user interface design
  • Sharing to Flickr
  • Sharing files via Documents folder
  • Hi-quality image processing

Perfect photo has recently become my favorite photo editing application and I welcome this update with open arms. The new interface is substantially better than the previous one.

Now for the give-away! The good folks over at MacPhun LLC have generously given us a few promo codes to give away to you, our awesome readers. Just let us know why Perfect Photo will be the perfect addition to your photography app collection and we'll randomly choose a few of you and send you a promo code. The contest begins now and ends Friday, December 3 at 8p EST. (Must have US iTunes account to win. Apple's rule, not ours!)

Check out the video after the break!

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

[YouTube link]

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Perfect Photo 2.0 brings red eye removal and spot healing to iPhone [give-away]


Why would it be perfect? Well it is the Christmas party season and there are going to be more than just a few "red eyes" to worry about. And that's before the flash photography even starts!

Why would it be perfect? My fiance has a baby brother and sister, and I grew up as an only child, so I view them as my siblings as well. Our good relationship means I take quite a few pictures of them with my iPhone, and with AirPrint in motion now, I can add these pictures to photo albums. However, I'd like to do that WITHOUT striking red eye.

The reason why Perfect Photo will be the perfect addition to my photography app collection is because I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER PHOTO APPS! So, this would definitely be my "go-to" app to enhance all my pics. Thanks. =)

I use my iphone 4 a lot to take photos and post on my blog. This app would be great to fix and adjust photos on the go. The "spot heal" feature looks to be my go-to need.

The iPhone's flash ALWAYS gives my two dogs, my favorite subjects, huge red eyes. I have hunted time and time again for an app that will fix these on the phone without having to transfer to a PC, so would LOVE to have this app!

My iPhone is the primary camera I use since I always have it with me. I am somewhat OCD, so I end up transferring images to my PC to touch them up before sending to family and friends. Having Perfect Photo would allow me to share great pictures quicker.
Thanks in advance if I am selected for one of the promo codes!

Why would it be perfect? All photos taken utilizing the iPhone's flash give the people "white eye." Now I can use the flash without worrying how it comes out :P

Perfect Photo would be the perfect addition to my photography apps on my iPhone 4 for 2 reasons. First, I would love to finally be able to tell my girlfriend with her Canon camera that does red-eye correction automatically: There you go, my iPhone can do it too! She wouldn't be able to talk against my iPhone as much as before. Second reason is... I sure am no photography expert and as such, every app that can help me is a welcome addition!

This app is perfect because I find myself trying to find the perfect photo editing app all the time to edit the pics I take and I can't find one I absolutely like. I think this will solve my problem.

Just recently bought an iPhone 4 and have over 300 images taken with it in only a few weeks, would love to test out this app on fixing my photos. Thanks for the chance to win.

Since my daughter was born my wife has been taking pictures of her like crazy on her iPod so I think this awesome app would be great for her!!

Just the perfect thing for getting perfect pictures of my twin toddlers and my wife!

Great looking App. I would love to have it on my iPhone4 as I'm constantly taking pictures of my teenagers and the spot healing would be so great to handle their teenage blemishes!

All those times when my iPhone's flash turns my family's eyes red, i get so overwhelmed by no red-eye tool in the Photoshop app, my own eyes turn red, just from the anger!

The ability to quickly remove red eye would save me the hassle of post-processing all my photos before sharing.

If only 90% of my FaceBook friends had this app and iPhone 4s so that they do not look like they are going to die for just dame creepy

It would be PERFECT because it's such a hassle to get your photos to the computer to touch them up. This is a great way to cut all those steps out and save me some time!

This is an excellent app. My iPhone 4 is main main camera and the ability to make the simple corrections like red-eye elimination and spot healing is just sweet! Let's see a Canon, Olympus or Nikon digital camera do that on the camera itself.....

Why? Well red eye takes a longer time to do in iPhoto after you go through a bunch of photos. Time saver to be able to do them on the fly. This app looks like a way to do it.

I never have my camera around when I need to take a picture, so I am always reaching for my iPhone. A "Perfect Photo" all the time would be great! Thanks for picking me.......if you do!

With the addition of a flash to the iPhone I get a lot of red eye pics. This would be a fast fix that I could do on the phone.

I take a lot of pictures on iPhone for my family vacations. This would be perfect for those family shots.

This would be a dynamite way to edit my photos on the go, and I really can't afford some of the more expensive apps!

I have budding shutter bugs using my camera to take pictures & this app would be great to use to touch up their masterpieces before emailing them to Grandma.

It be perfect for me because I have a baby on the way and tons of the photos will be taken with my iphone4!

As a professional photographer, the iPhone is a great "proofing back", I can snag a quick shot of the set, and MMS a client so he can get a feel of what he'll be getting when the shoot is over.
Perfect Photo looks like a great tool for quickly upgrading the look of these proof shots, I'd love to try it - so shoot me a promo code! :)

It would be perfect for me because then I wouldn't have to wait until I got home to use Photoshop on the photos I've taken just to send them through email or MMS. It cuts down on extra steps and saves time. It's like a one stop shop and pop!

I hate using Photoshop (or any other editor) on the desktop on my photos. Much, much easier to do it straight on the phone then upload to facebook or whatever. And of course, PS Express would work, but just not a fan. This looks awesome!

This would be awesome to have! I could finally remove that embarrassing third nipple from my forehead. I really can have a Christmas card this year!

App would be a perfect addition for me because EVERY picture I take of my blond hair, blue eyed son ends up looking like I'm shooting a remake of "Children of the Corn", and it's getting a little scary.

Would absolutely love this! I've been looking for a great way to edit my photos on the go. This would be very useful!! Thanks so much!