Playboy magazine hitting iPad in March... uncensored?

Playboy magazine hitting iPad in March... uncensored?

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner announced on Twitter today that Playboy magazine would be hitting the iPad this March and followed up with replay saying it would be uncensored (we take that to mean the nude centerfolds will indeed be present in the app).

Big news! Playboy--both old & new--will be available on iPad beginning in March.

@hughmcook Playboy on iPad will be uncensored, Hugh.

Back in August Hefner tweeted that Playboy would be on iPad Playmate-free because Steve Jobs had a "things about nudity". If his tweet to day proves to be true, this would mean Apple is either relaxing or removing their current restriction against nudity (part of their broader adult content restrictions). How much and how far that relaxation or removal might go is unknown -- though we doubt Apple will allow the App Store to turn into a porn store given Steve Jobs' past comments. They might, however, once again be testing the possibility of an explicit section?

Also unknown is whether or not Playboy magazine will use the rumored iTunes subscription service which is supposed to debut alongside Rupert Murdoch's centerfold-free The Daily iPad app at some point in the not-so distant future.

So what do you think, did the Playboy patriarch just reveal a huge change coming to the App Store or is he just trying to get some buzz for his app, and no changes are being planned?

[@hughhefner x2 via techtrackr]

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Playboy magazine hitting iPad in March... uncensored?


I hope people think about this before they get all excited lol. Its gonna be an iPad optimized website.
Honestly, i hope they keep porn apps out of the app store

Meh. App or not, the iDevices connect to the internet. People who want to find nekkid pictures can find them, and people who don't want to find them can avoid them.
The only problem is that Apple's "rule" is not a rule, because it is applied one way for the big guys (Playboy, Hooters, Sports Illustrated), and another way for the little guy (iWobble). Make an explicit section or keep all those innocent-mind-destroying pictures of boobies out -- I could care less. But if you are going to play gatekeeper, play fair.

This got lost in Rupert Murdoch flame wars, but worth reposting about the subscription service -- Apple changing subscriber rules midstream on magazine publishers, hurting both customer and reader in such a way I suspect magazines will shift away from iOS apps in favor of HTML5 webapps on the iPad. (Which is a damn shame, because I love the Economist on my iPad, and I'm not sure an HTML5 webapp would be as nice.)

I saw an article about this 2-3 weeks ago. Wish I could remember where I read this now to reference.

Rene, for the love of God, please at least read your posts ONCE and fix the damned grammar and spelling mistakes. At least spell the guy's name right. It's not Hufner. I can accept this type of thing for a junior editor, but it's really embarassing for a senior editor.

Nudity is already allowed in European iTunes stores. The iPad apps of the tabloids The Sun (UK) and Bild (Germany) contain nudity. And, please: Nudity is not porn!

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to have monthly magazines (Playboy, or any other type of mag really) coming in through to the iPad, in an optimized, iPad app fashionable way.

Hugh might be referring to "uncensored", in the sense that the content of the articles won't be censored. So maybe we're gonna see explicit language?

Apple reminds me of Nintendo. Finding an M rated game on a Nintendo platform is VERY suprising(and usually not even good) so something Nudie being related to Apple would be a jaw dropper

So the readers of Playboy and look their Fav Celeb nude photos on 2048×1536 Screen Resolution. Lets See iPad 2 will have this much high resolution or not.

This is really the only way that men's magazines would ever be a success on the iPad, ignoring Playboy for a moment, even magazines like GQ, Esquire, FHM would have their content censored and that just seems ridiculous. Why would I purchase a digital copy of Front which is minus the boobs when I could go to the newsagent and pay the same price for the paper copy with boobs.
Honestly though, Steve has been on sick leave for what? 24 hours? and already its boobs boobs boobs!

Apple's policies about sensitive moral subjects is nothing more than hypocritical. They make up rules as they go along, then change them. They approve Apps then pull them lying about there reasoning. Then they will not respond to inquires about the discriminatory and prejudicial policies. Apple in its App Store is discriminatory and prejudice. I have purchased several thousand dollars of Apple equipment and merchandise over the past 6 years. Apple can expect to see those funds go to other companies that do not lie, and are not discriminatory and prejudicial.