Quick App: Citrix Receiver for iPhone Enables Windows PC Remote Access

Citrix, whom internet legend holds helped develop the Windows kernel and knows their way around Microsoft's OS like Ballmer knows a good monkey dance, have been talking iPhone client for a while, and it appears they've now made good on it.

Citrix Receiver [iTunes Link] is a FREE application that hooks into the Citrix XenApp and XenApp Web Services environment to let you access your Windows system remotely from the iPhone. Labeled as a 0.9 release "Technology Preview" it still purports real-time, anywhere (as long as you're online) access to your apps and docs, and an high def HDX experience, including special mention of piping Flash and Silverlight websites over to your iPhone. And yes, your data is encrypted and stored back on your server-side, not the iPhone client.

So, anyone try this out yet? Is it the great experience Citrix has come to make us expect of them? How's AutoCAD and IE 6 ActiveX working for you on the iPhone?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Quick App: Citrix Receiver for iPhone Enables Windows PC Remote Access


WOW! This app is awesome! I can now connect DIRECTLY to the Citrix server, no more RDP for me! It runs fast and is great! I am in heaven!

How can i use this application??
what do i need to install onto my computer!!
what do i need to do to get stuff working!!

Extentrix has released Mobile Console for Citrix XenApp iPhone Edition. This new tool from Extentrix gives administrators instant, convenient access to their Citrix XenApp tools via the elegant iPhone interface. It runs under Citrix Receiver for iPhone.
Download it free: http://www.extentrix.com/emc/download.aspx

Is there anywhere else I can download Citrix Receiver for iPhone from than iTunes Store?
I get a message saying that this application is not available for iTunes Store Norway