Quick App: Madden 2010 for iPhone


The NFL's regular season is fast approaching and what a better way to kick the season off then with some Madden 2010 on your iPhone (or iPod touch)?! EA has been promising us some Madden action on iPhone for a while and now they finally will deliver.

The game will contain real NFL rosters and, based upon the screen shots, will include Brett Favre and Michael Vick on both of their new respective teams. While EA is promising a release date of no later than opening day, September 10th, there is no official word on a price point. All of that aside, we think you can expect Madden 2010 to stiff arm it's way into the App Store at $9.99.

Screen shots after the break!


[via Cnet]

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Reader comments

Quick App: Madden 2010 for iPhone


Idk about a football game on the iPhone. IMO it would be way too hard to control. Plus it would probably be missing A lot of the features the console game would have.

I wish it could be integrated like the psp version with a ps3. You can create plays on the psp and move them to the console version. I'm not a big gamer but that's pretty cool integration.

now THIS is a good idea!
Blake 2 said:
Aug 25th @ 08:40 am
I wish it could be integrated like the psp version with a ps3. You can create plays on the psp and move them to the console version. I’m not a big gamer but that’s pretty cool integration.

NFL 2010 by Gameloft is already awesome. I can see this being so much better though. I have been waiting for this to release.

Nice... I wasn't impressed by the Gameloft release. I am hoping the EA version is a bit more refined and I wonder if roster updates will be free or even included.

Why does the Cardinal player look like his brains are being blown out the back of his helmet?

My god people this is neither a psp or console system. It's a phone!!!!! If you want all those other features then go play on a psp or console. These dumb a** comments get on my nerves. It is what it is Madden 10 for the iPhone that's it!!!

@David lol very true. I think people forget the fact that this is a phone and not a psp or dsi. I mean the iPhone is an amazing piece of equipment but come on how much do we really need it to do? And Nonameneeded said it well, I would rather have Facebook 3.0 and 3.1/MMS then this game.

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