Quick App: Touch Dial Enables Emoji for the iPhone

We included this app in our latest Apps for Less post but since Emoji has started to take off with iPhone owners we figured, what the heck... make sure it gets it's very own post so nobody misses it!

You missed the boat with the Emoji hack from a few weeks back? Well here is yet one other chance to grab those Emoji icons without having to jailbreak. If you updated to firmware 2.2.1 and then decided to try the FrostyPlace you were out of luck. The firmware disabled this neat little trick. This is where Touch Dial Emoji enters and will give you the same 461 Emoji icons available on your iPhone.

In addition to the Emoji icons, Touch Dial Emoji also serves another purpose worth a mention. Users can assign a phone number to the application and it will then dial the assigned number on launch. Nothing too exciting, but we know you're buying this for the icons...

It is currently on sale for $.99 in the app store and is available in this iTunes link right here.

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Reader comments

Quick App: Touch Dial Enables Emoji for the iPhone


There's another app out there, called touch type or something similar (just read the comments in the touch dial emoji appstore page) which is the same price, and enables emoji on the iPhone/touch (including 2.1.1) which actually has a worthwhile function! It's a typing tutor, and it really works. Get that instead!!

I received a comment at my site that "Spell Number" does the same thing as well via an Easter Egg method. Type in 9876543.21 into the app. I can't verify this since my device has already got Emoji enabled. Give it a go everyone, it's FREE currently.

Dear blogger, you should've noted. NOTED. That only iPhone users would be able to see the emoji icons. Kinda pointless to send, and not receive. KINDA IMPORTANT TO ALSO NOTE? yea? thanks for thinking outside the blog post. For every wasted dollar,... I guess you wouldn't care, cuz you posted it.

dear upset, if you bothered to read the link provided in this post maybe you would have gotten all the details of Emoji..... maybe YEAH? TiPb is just letting us know another way to get them and this app functions as a speed dialer. Use that and get over it.

Dear mr upset
Honestly, you don't need much brain flow to figure that out... But note to blogger: all readers don't have a working brain, explain stupid stuff from now on.

Well to those who haven't read the details and the link it doesn't say that. And yes I did do the research.

Really what is so great about an using emoticons that you won't be able to see, without an iPhone? And where does it say on the blog post? So therefore anyone would naturally be upset.

@LOL, actually you are wrong. It does say it in a link I provided.
"No matter what carrier you are with, you can now apply a hack that was found on Gizmodo that will enable Emoji emoticons. Keep in mind any iPhone will be able to display the icons hacked or not, while “other” phones out there need to support Emoji in order to display them."

@upset/lol - how about some common sense perhaps? it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out it wont work on all phones when you send them. no different that a normal emoticon. say you send a smile face on a palm treo, a iphone wont even display what the palm sees. dont be so quick to criticize simply because TiPb just let its readers know about another app available in the app store. cry about it some more.

Ok, Jeremey, I guess I had to dig deeper. Still not user friendly post imo, if you have to search for a post within a post to find what should be highlighted. I didn't think I had to click on the "emoji hacked" link, simply because I didn't hack mine? In this post, it doesn't say that people can't see it. Whatever, it was a buck. Just saying, despite it obviously being a speed dialer, people are most likely buying it for the emoticons to share with others. Knowing that you can't share the joy of the novelty isn't much worth paying for imo, and us readers shouldn't have to go through blog posts within posts to find that red flag. I did read the app, and it's reviews. Some ppl, might think that it's stupid not to read every emoji blog post within this post before purchasing a dollar app. But I'm sure, a lot of people like me didn't see the point in reading every post, especially a post that said "emoji hacked", (which wouldn't apply to me), for something that you would assume important to be posted, since it's not a free app. Anyways, I am out. To all the haters and bashers I got work.

@ Complainers
"Ahhh I have the buyers remorse"
Operative word 'buyers' if you purchase something without first availing yourself of the benefits of said purchase, then it is not the advertisers/bloggers/sellers fault. As far as I can tell the bog posts have highlighted what the app will do, if you have assumed it will do something it doesn't It's your fault. An educated buyer will research the product, they will not just buy immediately.
Of course, If you do buy immediately then you may be interested in what I am selling, a unique gaseous mix of oxygen, hydrogen and argon, that will enhance your life no end! buy now and i will throw in a handful of miscellaneous gases too! Please send me money now! I will supply your product immediately!

Thanks Jeremy (a.k.a. "Blogger" ...um, his name is right there folks ) for the direct link to this awesome app! I've had emoji envy for some time now , but now I can happily share emoji ! I get that not everyone can see them, but some can, and I'm sure more will be able to in the future! Get it now while it's still only 99 cents! 

downloaded the spell number and found the emoji icon..
Pros : Good on all especially calendar, SMS etc..
cons : ONLY iphone users group, when sync to outlook calendar became a chinese word on each icon used....

I installed the emjoi package from cydia and am able to text emoji to my other friend with a jailbroken iphone with the same emoji package installed. Another friend has an iphone that is not jailbroken, and bought Touchdial Emoji from App Store.
The problem is that when I send her text with emoji, or vise versa, we don't get the message at all (text included). Am I to assume that the Emoji from Cydia and the emoji from Touch Dial (albeit they look like the same icons, and they are both activated the same way through the settings, international keyboard screen of iphone) are not compatible? Anyone experience anything like this between jailbroken emoji wtih non-jail iphone / app store emoji?
Thanks in advance for any info.

i cant get this touch dial to work. all i want is to be able to send smileys in text. i have 2.2.1 or whatever it is i need. my phone has all the latest upgrades. i have tried enabling the smileys and then when i go to launch touch dial like it says to do next it just calls me and then redials my number when the lady is talking and then she hangs up on me. all i want is smileys!!! should it really be this hard????

It works OK if all the folks you text with have iPhones. Too bad they all DON'T!
Read most of the print but not all, I guess. iTunes Will refund your .$.99 cents. ;^)
(hows that for an emoji/con btches)
And to all you mean haters: your snotty comments are a waste of virtual space. Support the USPS and send a stamped letter.

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