Rejected iPad app developer gets a call from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs with an iPad

If your iPad app is rejected from the iTunes App Store there's a slim chance that, just like developer Ram Arumugam, you might get a call from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Arumugam emailed Steve Jobs after his app was rejected but instead of getting the typical "[something curt] - Sent from my iPad" email back, he got a phone call. The Seattle Times reports:

The two talked about Arumugam's app, called "Economy for iPad," and why it was rejected by Apple

His app had included non-public API requests not approved by Apple, and Steve Jobs was able to reason with him enough to have Arumugam submit Economy for iPad without the undocumented API request. Since then, it has been a huge success in the App Store and has gone on to hold the No. 1 spot under the Finance category.

It's great to see Jobs taking such a proactive approach in reaching out to the smaller developers out there -- it's something that you just don't see a whole lot of these days.

What do you think about Steve Jobs calling instead of emailing? Let us know in the comments!

[ The Seattle Times via 9to5 Mac ]

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Reader comments

Rejected iPad app developer gets a call from Steve Jobs


I think the developer is an idiot. He acknowledged the use of a private API and doesn't understand why he was rejected? Fool. The guidelines are clear. You use a private API and your stuff is rejected. Case closed.
Steve should have called him and told him the exact same thing.

I think it's very professional of Steve that he calls to explain why it's rejected!
certainly when you compare it with replies like Mike's one

For those who say Steve doesn't care about you.. Clearly he does.. Customers and developers.. just from being an Apple customer I can tell they care.. I can't tell you how many iPhones I've had replaces for little things that really didnt matter..

Personally, if Mr. Jobs called me. I wouldn't believe that it was him. Once I figured out that it was him, I still wouldn't believe it and I would proceed to be amazed and thank him for what he does at Apple and for accepting my app. haha
Like what are you really suppose to i in that situation? Pretty coo' if you ask me.

No matter why he did it, damage control or taking a pro-active approach, it's still pretty cool of him to be so involved personally. How many other ceo's do that?

Oh and yes it does matter why he did it. How many other developers have been rejected with nothing more than a generic reply. If Steve was worrying about all of them then I'd give him credit. But since it sounds like he did it to get some good press it means nothing.

Now maybe he can answer the question 'Why doesn't Apple allow us to create custom email and text measaging sounds.?'. How many times have you heard a text message or email sound and not known if it's your phone or someone else's!!?? Seriously, that's something my Motorola Q did 5 years ago. WTF Apple? Should I just jailbreak my phone to get some standard features? PLEASE!!!? Fix this.