Rent 3G iPad from PadInTheCity in Madrid

Travelers to Madrid, Spain can now rent a 3G iPad from PadInTheCity during their visit. In addition to the iPad, the rental includes unlimited 3G data, a case and charger, and the iPad is loaded with 29 travel and business related apps.

The rental costs €39 ($55) per day and the process is very simple. Booking and payment takes place on PadInTheCity's website and they will hand deliver the iPad to you when you arrive at your hotel (or at any location you prefer). You will be expected to sign a renter's contract and provide legal identification as well as a credit card that will have a €500 ($708) hold placed on it. At the end of your trip, PadInTheCity will pick-up the iPad and remove the hold on your credit card.

This is a fantastic option for travelers, possibly even for international ones who own a 3G iPad but don't want to pay international rates.

Anyone planning a trip to Madrid and hope to utilize this service? Which city would you like to see iPad rentals in next?

[PadInTheCity via appadvice]

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Reader comments

Rent 3G iPad from PadInTheCity in Madrid


Depending on the specifics, I think I might prefer to pay the international rates. $55/day sounds like more than I could possibly spend on my own device. It might be nice to not worry about MY iPad being stolen while I'm abroad, but who knows what you'd go through if THEIR iPad were stolen.
Kinda scary either way, I guess.

You guys just grasp for any kind of Apple news you can get your hands on, huh? This is so news worthy!!!

Or, because the iPad is unlocked, you could just buy and insert a local sim for about $10 + maybe $50 for data service. I've been doing this all over the world with my NexusOne and it works great, except in Japan (no GSM network). When my iPad2 arrives I look forward to using that in the same manner.

Why would you need a GSM network? Can't you just use it on 3G? At least two carriers, Docomo and Softbank, should support the Nexus One if it uses the same 3G standard that the iPhone does.

Wonder if they will offer renters insurance. I could see a grab and run thief strike then you will be stuck for the $700 and you will be back home trying to argue and the local constabulary will not even bother with this.

That a good idea.
No need to carry maps, papes guide books or other documents with the iPad connect to the Internet 24 hours you can get everything, plus pre-loaded applications are excellent.
I traveled with my iPad sometimes, but I don´t recommend using internet outside your country, data roaming costs are very high, and is very difficult setup your connection in some countries.
No need to make complicated configurations or purchase a special MicrosSIM or make things hard with your ipad, you get it all integrated, ready to use.
This is a good solution for a few days (2-4 day).

Other option is to buy a pre-paid MicroSim with a local operator, but for a few days is not a good option (maybe for 2-3 months), i read that to buy them generally do not have stock and must wait some days or weeks to get it. (and especially in Europe can´t get a SIM-CARD if you do not have a postal address in the country).