Rhapsody for iPhone gets updated, includes album downloads

Rhapsody for iPhone gets updated, includes album downloads

Rhapsody for iPhone and iPod touch has received a nice little upgrade. In case you are unfamiliar with the subscription based music service, it allows you to pay a monthly fee starting at $9.99 and you can download anything they have in their huge catalog of over 10 million songs. In their latest update they have included:

  • Ability to download albums directly from the Music Guide and My Library. (Download individual tracks with the press-and-hold menu.)

  • New Downloads tab with menus for Artists, Albums, Tracks, Playlists to find and manage your downloads

  • Downloading screen to see the progress of current downloads, and reorder the download priority

  • Performance enhancements, especially while downloads are in progress

  • Bug fix: resume playback after receiving a phone call

This is a significant improvement over the ability to only download playlists as you can pick and choose what you would like to download. This also could enable you to finally get rid of your Rhapsody player if you have one and finally be down to one all-in-one device. The update is available now and is free in the store.

If you try it out, let us know what you think.

[iTunes link, Rhapsody link, Thanks Chris for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Rhapsody for iPhone gets updated, includes album downloads


Doesn't allow downloading to iPod directly. But IMO, made an already great (with their prior iOS4 compatible release) app/service even greater. Especially if you can also get Rhapsody thru your home stereo (e.g., via Tivo), it's a must-have for music junkies who want to check out new music, old classics, whatever.

I've been a rhapsody user for years and it is a first rate music service that I love. They are continually making improvements to the mobile service and just recently reduced the price from $15/month to $10/month. So for the price of a couple of lattes you get access to a gigantic library of artists. Highly recommended for music junkies.

I still like Rdio's social aspect of the music subscription service. You can follow people similar to Ping and see what they are adding to their collection. Then, you can just click on any album and either choose "add to collection" or "sync to mobile". Next time you start up your app, it'll sync everything you want downloaded, over 3g or wifi. When Rhapsody's system gets that simple, I will re-subscribe. Rhapsody's collection of music may be larger, but Rdio has all the tracks I need, and if they don't there's always iTunes.

I can't stand Drake as a rap artist - he is so overrated. It makes me wonder why I always see his face popping up on music programs like this. Talentless noob!

Wow, I actually tipped TiPb! I'm pretty psyched about it! I have used Rhapsody for a few years, first through Tivo, then on an mp3 player, and for the past 6 months on the iPhone. For people who like to explore a lot of music it is a fantastic service.
I know the model is not for everyone, but you can buy songs for $.99 if you want, it works fantastically well on the iPhone and iPad and with Sonos as well. For me, it is awesome.

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Huge improvement over last version. This is the update I've been waiting for. Only being able to download (and therefore only play) playlists sucked. With this update, you could easily replace your ipod with this app. It has some features that the ipod app is missing. Been a Rhapsody subscriber for years. I use it with Sonos at home (awesome) and now will be using it on my iphone 4 much more. Interested to see what will hold for apple's future with some streaming subscription service in itunes.

Oh, and one more thing would complete the product, being able to side-load content that wasn't available on the rhapsody catalog and have it accessible in the rhapsody app.

I also have used it for years. The main reason fir the full song, not just a 30 sec clip. It was worth the money for the playlist. When the iPhone app came out, after contacting them, I now pay $9.99 for the service. The new update is really nice.