Grand Theft Auto Coming Soon to iPhone/iPod Touch


Rockstar Games announced yesterday that it will be porting one of their most popular games over to the iPhone platform. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will make its iPhone debut sometime before the year is over (price still to be determined price).

This is simply more verification that Apple's iPhone OS can pull it's weight in the handheld gaming wars. If you can't wait until GTA's release, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle from Gameloft [iTunes Link] should be good enough to hold you over.

According to Rockstar, screen shots will be coming soon but until then feel free to take a look some Sony PSP images after the break.




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There are 29 comments. Add yours.

Moe says:

Can't wait
btw gangstar rocks!!

Moe says:

I'll also pay $9.99 for it with my eyes closed

Bre Bre says:

i loveeeee thiss gameeeeeeeeeeeeee

Al says:

Hmm will this be any good without physical controls?

Scarybooster says:

Looks awesome, I can't wait to pass the time at work with this, I mean ummm home?

Al_X says:

Has anyone here not noticed the screenshots? It doesn't looks 3-D to me! :(

longmeat says:

@Al_X I don't think it's in 3D, it's more like GTA 1 & 2. I'm just wondering how the touch screen will work with this game. So far full games using touch has been pretty bad for me. I'm hoping for the best though

XM_JDM says:

Am I the only one who thinks gangstar SUCKS? I'll patiently wait for the real thing.

Miles says:

Hopefully they'll make the price reasonable. My kid brother would buy it for sure but no if it is $20

Nelo says:

Do people actually play on their iPhones for long periods of time like a real handheld?

Rob says:

The screen shots are psp not iphone

Frank says:

Yup, the iPhone/iPod touch is being considered a competitor to traditional handheld gaming systems. I'm assuming it's the mode of content delivery, and competitive pricing for games...
"Nelo Says:
September 1st, 2009 at 3:26 pm
Do people actually play on their iPhones for long periods of time like a real handheld?"

Ed says:

remember developers can bring their own controls and use them with the iphone so maby they will develop some sort of remote? i think tipb did an article on a wii type controller a while back...

Jellotime91 says:

Great, just what this series needed, more racism!

iBlackdude says:

Helicopter view ????????
Not for me.
Waiting for the gameloft version to drop and I'll buy :)

Ezekiel06 says:

Hope the controls are on point.

rnail says:

the controls are going to make or break this game but I cant wait.
If anyone can make the controls work on the iphone it will be rockstar.

iAnyhow says:

I hate physical moment. It makes me feel tired after a while.

TEI of Thessaloniki says:

Grand Theft Auto is by far my favorite game!!

The Gangsta of Gangster says:

What the hell is that shit.....Gangster is much better looking. The people look like Runescape Classic. I do like the way the cars look. I'll give 2/5

rs gold says:

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Mina says:

I think it would be great to have a game like this come to the iPhone and iPod tec because people need more consoul games terned in to hanheld games so that they injoy life better and stop worring in having to go to the shop and buying games when they can just download it to their iPod or iPhone.

Braam7 says:

Cool nut can anybody tell a more precise date

Ice cold says:

It's fake, they are pictures from the psp version of gta chinatown wars.

Trinitiofatl says:

They at least need a zoom in function so that we. can play the game more acurately
this helicopter view after a while it's old due to the face that you get tiers of looking at the small images!
It lacks the detail when you just want to run and fight!
Why did Rockstar do a port over instead of making it better?
anyway I bought the game it's fun but gets old becuase of the helicopter view!

Janetta Elletson says:

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