Skyfire for iPad coming very soon

Skyfire has released a demo video (see below) showing off the iPad version of their Flash transcoding browser. Already available for the iPhone with fairly positive reviews; some of the features in the iPad version are the ability to view full screen Flash video as well as embedded Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader integration.

The iPad version will be a totally separate app, which basically means you will have to pay again if you already paid for the iPhone version. No information on pricing, but expect to pay slightly more than the $2.99 that the iPhone version currently costs.

Hopefully Skyfire will have ironed out its previous server overload issues, prior to the launch of the iPad version. Do you use Skyfire? Are you excited by the iPad version? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

Skyfire for iPad coming very soon


YEAH!!! Awesome! I was waiting for this... Although I bought the iPhone version and do not like the idea of paying again... I hope that they update the iPhone version to sync with the iPad version.

I personally have yet to find a use for skyfire after buying it. It hasnt once loaded any videos or flash sites that I might go to. I will pass on the iPad version. Pretty much every site I go to has converted over to mobile or iPad friendly.

Most of which that have not converted to iOS capable video still block iOS. I still can't watch the office on NBC even with the iPhone version of this app on my iPad. This app was a disappointment. I recommend using an app that gives u access to your desktop, like splash top remote.

The iPad version would need to offer significant advantages over the iphone version I already use on my iPad, to justify the repurchase.
Also, it doesn't work for me often enough for me to even remember that it is an option, most of the time. I will give it another shot, though.

Oh yeah...and it would REALLY help if it worked with Hulu. The desktop feature doesn't work the way I had hoped.
This is largely a Hulu problem, where we cant see ALL of the Hulu content via iOS, but the result is the same,

YES!! I actually don't use this on my iPhone at all. I run it on my iPad in 2x mode to watch online Flash shows that I can't watch otherwise. It works well enough that I may not bother with the iPad version, but if the features are useful enough, or if they make the native iPad UI better, I might get this one too.

I haven't used this enough on my iPhone to warrant paying for it again for my iPad. Would have been nice if they made it universal instead of gouging us but oh well.

Yeah, I'm not gonna get ripped off again. This app did not work as advertised when I bought it for iPhone. Sure there may have been some updates since then but the fact that I requested a refund the same day and never heard anything back, makes a glowing greens eyes bulging muscles rip my shirt off angry.

Well i used to use skyfire. but i got a tip from a friend about iBitfire.
Tested it and now i only use iBitfire. its mutch faster and more stable. and i can install it on my iphone and ipad for just 2,99 !!!
So no $$$kyfire ipad for me anymore needed!!