Skype for iPhone: Over 1 Million Apps Served... in 2 Days!

Keeping it short but sweet, Skype's blog shows once again how crazy-powerful Apple's iPhone software platform really is:

In less than two days, Skype for iPhone has been downloaded more than one million times – around six downloads every second.

While copypetitors are still announcing or coming online (almost daily, with RIM's App World! launch on April 1st -- we fool you not! -- and Microsoft's Marketplace) this showcases the high ground Apple has already seized with their "on every iPhone" ecosystem, and the uphill battle rival platforms might face.


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Rene Ritchie

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Skype for iPhone: Over 1 Million Apps Served... in 2 Days!


If they'd sold this for two or three bucks they would practically be printing money. What were they thinking?

They don't charge for the main app so am sure there would be complaints for charging for the iPhone app! 1 mln downloads, that's 1 mln iPhones and potential massive increase in their call revenue! Makes sense to me!

Found on
Important solutions to the COMPLAINERS:
Complaining that you can’t use Skype on 3G?
Just Jailbreak your iphone and install voipover3g app from cydia. Jailbreakers will be able to save their minutes whenever they want because this app makes the iPhone think that it is on wifi all the time.

  1. Complaining that you can’t run skype in the background while using another application?

Just install backgrounder app from cydia on your jailbroken phone.
Read the rest on

Narrow circle of friends?
What about your friends in other countries? You have unlimited world wide minutes? Great plan. Where can I get one of those?