SPB Wallet for iPhone, Mac, Windows on Sale for 10 Days

SPB Software is putting SPB Wallet for iPhone on sale for $4.95 until Dec. 10 [iTunes link], in all it's card coverflow, Safari autofill, and Google sync glory. And what's more, they're putting both the Windows and Mac desktop software on sale for under $5 as well via their website.

If you've been looking for a cross-platform, cross-mobile solution, check out SPB and let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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BSmith4832 says:

Anybody out there actually use this? I'd be more interested if it provided encrypted password management along with this "card manager" idea. Maybe this app can do that too? I dunno... anyone?
It looks quite functional, even though I wouldn't use the Autofill too much - it would be handy. However, I'm considering replacing 1Password with a paid (even more functional) program. Hmm... maybe 1Password Pro?

zeagus says:

"SPB Wallet is a secure and manageable storage of sensitive information, such as passport and account numbers, access and PIN codes, logins and passwords. The encrypted and password-protected data can be accessed from Windows PCs, and synchronized with mobile devices. Available for Apple iPhone, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile."

Daniel says:

I've used SPB Wallet (not 2.0) on WM and it's very good. Very convenient having all info at your finger tips at all times.

zeagus says:

1Password Pro is still showing up as free in the AppStore - anyone use both and have a compelling reason (aside from cool cardflow graphics) to pony up for SPB's Wallet?

Unchewable says:

thanks for writing this article i have 1 password but i am a it tech and need to have my work stuff separated out and 1 password doesn't do that i found ways around it but it wasn't pretty. the templates for comps and networks are especially useful thanks :)

websyndicate says:

1password stores site Passwords, SS#, cc and debit cards even product Key and many other thing. It sync very nice and with my iphone and has a great bookmarklet for within safari for autofill. Now the auto fill that SPB talks about autofill within the app browser not autofill with safari I think. Same way 1password works with autofill but I maybe wrong if so that would be a cool feature. I have a mac and 1password works great and I can sync with dropbox and you can access it from the web as well with any browser other than IE8
Yes the feature of the card pictures is really cool and maybe 1password will get that in the future. I can imagine that since the 3.0 release they will be working hard on the iPhone app now to bring it up to par with the desktop app.
Mac Users its all 1password I think
Windows users SPB Wallet.

fastlane says:

I'm happy with mSecure. However, I haven't tried any others.

user888 says:

I'm using both the iPhone and Windows desktop app. It's works very intuitive, a lot of templates are available. Syncing is done through GMail, but it once deleted cards on me. Probably because I deleted sync information from GMail manually...
I'm missing an export / import function. There is one in the desktop app, but you can only import from other programs, not from the exported txt file...

Kelsi Connarton says:

Wow another one of Earworms great work. You should make one for Usher man!