Starbucks Card Mobile now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Starbucks has made their Card Mobile app available for iPhone and iPod touch users, allowing you to scan a barcode on your device andthe same way it currently works for gift cards. The app works in conjunction with your already existing Starbucks cards. I tend to get a lot of Starbucks gift cards for birthdays and holidays, so it's nice to be able to keep them all in one spot.

You can create a Starbucks account within the app and then add all your cards. You can also add any valid credit card as well to refill your Starbucks cards (or use the Paypal feature on iPhone).

When you go to a participating Starbucks location, they can simply scan the bar code on your phone and it will deduct from your Starbucks card. Over 6,800 Starbucks locations are currently participating as well as over 1,000 Target Starbucks locations. It's an awesome way to say goodbye to some of the bulk in your wallet (or on your keychain). If you guys try it out, let us know how it works! I plan on trying it out for myself as well!


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Reader comments

Starbucks Card Mobile now available for iPhone and iPod Touch


Um....I've been using this app and paying by my iPhone with the barcode for 2 or 3 months...This is old news...

PLEASE change the title of this post. It is misleading. The mobile card is not just available "NOW" it's been around since last year.

Well the ability to use the app at all Starbucks' is new. The app itself has been around for a while now.

Although it has been available for over a year, it only worked at Target locations in my area. I just used it today to get a Mocha....worked flawlessly. Quicker than them swiping my card. Account balance was updated immediately.

Oh how I hope many more retailers follow suit!! Timmies are you listening?! How about all the "loyalty" (point) cards we all have for assorted retailers?
I have scanned my drivers license, union card, employee ID etc and have them stored in a password protected vault - came in very handy recently when I could not find my health care card

Probably cheaper for Starbucks to do it this way than have to pay Mastercard/Visa to use their system. If more retailers did this--I'm sure the Mastercard/Visa would havew to find another source to suck blood from. LOL.

Anyone have any issues with "privacy" screen protectors (or any screen protector for that matter) and getting the barcode to scan correctly? Does brightness setting have an effect?

I mentioned this a few weeks back when Rene went on his rant about how unusable Android is, and as a comparison I suggested the idea of how unusable an iPhone is when you need to turn it on, swipe to unlock, search through all your apps to find starbucks and launch it, wait, select your card, wait, hit pay now and get a tiny bar code on a reflective screen that baristas have a hard time scanning. This is all after you have gone through the excruciatingly painful and long set up of activating your account and registering your cards.
Compare that to Starbucks Card Widget for Android, which has all of the same functionality, with a large easy to scan bar code accessible from a single tap on a home screen widget. Setting up your cards is a simple 1-step process requiring only two fields. Easy, quick, and useable, everything Android apparently is not.

"* Starbucks Card Widget is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by Starbucks Corporation."
Yup, that sounds like Android alright.

"Starbucks said iPhone app isn't working. I said this is android and it is a unofficial widget. WORKED flawlessly! Perfect!"
Better to have a working unofficial app that something that doesn't work at all.

The Starbucks App has actually been available internationally for a little while, however the only new bit is that Starbucks has supplied about 90% of their US retail locations with 3D/PDF barcode scanners to support this, something as previously mentioned, was only found in US Target locations.
It's also worth mentioning this does not have Retina display support, and it not supported on first gen iPhones either, and the app does suffer from occasional communications errors when it's being used to reload your Starbucks Card, so you should always go back to the app home and refresh the card balance if you get an error saying your reload wasn't completed, as I've had it happen many times when the reload was completed.

I use this app at Starbucks all the time. Very convenient and I love that it keeps a current balance. I wish my debit card had an app like it. I suppose soon...