Starbucks for iPhone now supports iPhone 5

The Starbucks app for iPhone has finally been updated to support the iPhone 5's larger display. Starbucks has also added back the sound effect that was removed when stars were added to your cup. For those who don't like the sound, they can disable it in the Settings section.

All I really have to say about this update is: finally!

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Reader comments

Starbucks for iPhone now supports iPhone 5


Never noticed that it wasn't a "tall" app. LOL. I'm a Peet's fan, but until there's a Peet's app, I'll use the Starbucks app. (But only for pastries. Never for coffee.)

Also, it must be very obvious when an app isn't made for iPhone 5 if your iPhone 5 is white. Mine is black/slate, so the "letterboxing" isn't nearly as visible.

Update is no longer available in the App Store. I didn't update while at work because I don't like to over 3G. But by the time I got home, I noticed the app disappeared from my update list and I can't get it to show up again. Could be just an isolated issue though (on my end).

Sad thing thats Starbucks app is only avilable in US store. (Not sure about other countries lime Japen, UK, Australia.

Hallelujah! Now what are the other app developpers waiting for?
Come on people, it's been two months, sort out your apps!!