Steve Jobs / Disney - $4 Billion + Marvel = Captain America iPhone?!


Attention true believers! Daring Disney dispenses 4 billion big ones to buyout mighty Marvel, its merry mutants, and stupendous superheroes!

Okay, rewind. To make that most tangential of relationships possible (just so we can blog about comics, of course): following Disney's Pixar acquisition, Steve Jobs -- then CEO of Pixar and still CEO of iPhone maker, Apple Inc. -- became Disney's largest shareholder. Now reports are circulating that Disney is buying Marvel Comics -- home of Spider-Man, the Hulk, Fantastic Four, Wolverine and the X-Men, and a literal fortunes worth of other character properties, for a cool $4 billion.

While this does mean Disney will likely be better positioned to compete against Warner Bros. and their portfolio of DC characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Watchmen, etc.), other than eventually being able to watch a Disney-produced Marvel film via iTunes, it probably doesn't mean much for Apple -- and certainly doesn't mean we'll see adamantium shelled iPhone any time ever.

But, again, it does give us the chance to geek out and project Steve Jobs as the new owner of Marvel. Or as the new Kingpin. Or Doctor Strange, if the 60s fit is better. Or...

Dunno, which Marvel Character is the most Steve Jobs?


[Thanks to our buddy Phil from WMExperts for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Steve Jobs / Disney - $4 Billion + Marvel = Captain America iPhone?!


I don't think any marvel characters fit Steve Jobs persona but I do know one D.C. Character which fit his mold perfectly, Bruce Wayne .... He is filthy RICH.... Just like our good buddy at apple :)

Disney just better let Marvel do your thing. I don't want Mickey Mouse mixing with Iron Man. I hope they keep doing the same thing just don't let Disney water anything down. Does this mean an end to R rated movies? I bet Universal Studios are crying right now.

Could this acquisition be somehow related to the ability of tablets to offer a wonderful e-comics viewing experience? Just wondering..
And to answer yer question I fell Jobs would be a terrific Dr. Victor Von Doom for this character is obsessed with tech and acts as a enlightened despot. Apple would be his own Latveria.

Steve Jobs being a share holder means nothing here folks.
Disney ownership is disperse, and Jobs does not even rise to a 5% level of ownership, the first level where you need to report to the SEC.
This story has nothing to do with the iPhone or Apple.

I'd say Apple got special treatment from Disney when it lauched movies and series at the iTunes Store. If ever the Apple tablet has e-comics or motion comics I am fairly sure that Marvel would be in there after this deal. And remember, Steve Jobs is still Chief Shareholder of the Walt Disney Co.

I just dont wanna see mickey and donald replacing storm n gambit as xmen and i dont want wolverine in fantasmic

No comment. Please. Please. Back away
from the limo and let the big man through. I hear your pain Rene. Secretly Rene has been developing a new site called, where there are forums, the marvel blog forums and most importantly, it shall have an acronym also: TMb. (tim-bee) there will also be the Marvel Live podcast available in iTunes shortly.

I don't know... I see jobs more as an Apocalypse guy myself. Silently attempting to conquer the world. Just my thought...

Holy Crap!! What are the Marvel movies going to be like when the come out? gay Disney versions? Whats the next spiderman movie going to be like? This doesnt look good!!!

What's gonna happen to my Marvel stock, is gonna turn to Disney or is Marvel gonna remain Marvel but Disney managed?

The question is not which character is Jobs most like, its who does he picture himself as.
I propose Galactus -- God like Destroyer of Worlds (or in Steve's case destroyer of markets).
Or how about Thor -- God but in human form tortured by infirmaties.
There is a theme there :)

Steve Jobs would be the "Tinkerer". That was the guy who supplied all the super villains with their gear and gizmos.

Jobs is clearly Reed Richards, I just hope Wolverine doesn't have mickey mouse ears in the next movie! Screw Dullsney...Make Mine Marvel!!!

"Steve Jobs is most like Tony Stark"
Hmmm. Interesting. Superpowered but with a bad heart. Works on lots of levels.