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More on Apple vs. HTC (Read: Android?) Patent Lawsuit

While precious little new information is coming to light about Apple's just-announced lawsuit against HTC, a lot more specu-nalysis has been hitting the blogsphere, ranging from "Apple is seeking a cross-license to get HTC's patents" (shades of the accusations facing Nokia about their lawsuit against Apple), to "Steve Jobs feels personally betrayed by Eric Schmidt and is using HTC to get at Google's Android".

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HTC Desire = Nexus One + Sense UI -- The Competition

While yesterday's Mobile World Congress news was all about Windows Phone 7 Series (henceforth WinPho7s), the Android invasion has returned with news of the HTC Desire, which looks to be Nexus One-style hardware running a new version of Sense UI.

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Apple Forces Mention of Google's Android Off App Store

Have the gloves officially come off with Apple demanding Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab's developer remove a mention of Google's Android from their App Store application's description? This does come just days after Steve Jobs fired away claiming Google’s “don’t be evil” motto was “BS”. Coincidence? You tell us.

According to Cult of Mac:

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Apple iPhone 3GS vs Google/HTC Android Nexus One -- Gallery

Dieter has his Google/HTC Android Nexus One here at CES, which means we grabbed it, put it next to our signature Apple iPhone 3GS, and took tons of pics.

First impressions: killer Google services. Killer. Solid hardware. Still Android OS 2.x, so while powerful and flexible, it hasn't reached the user experience level of the iPhone OS yet. Nor media, of course. And it's still not as fluid. On a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Really? But voice to search, launch, and type? Right back at killer.

Check out the pics after the break!

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The Competition: Android Central Nexus One Meta Live Blog: 1pm ET/10am PT

Our sibling site, Android Central, will be doing a meta live blog of Google's big Android/Nexus One event at 1pm ET/10am PT, and yours truly is going to be online with them to help them out and get a sneak peak at the competition.

What will Google announce? Just the mega-phone? Free candy? Who knows with them! Join us for the meta live blog!

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! #82 -- Android and Windows and Tablets... Oh, My!

Join Rene and special guests Phil Nickinson of Android Central and WMExperts and Keith Newman of the PalmCast Round Robin Android Droid and Hero vs. iPhone and Windows Phone HD2 and Touch Pro2 vs. iPhone, more iTablet, iPhone HD, and iPhone 4.0 rumors, and all the week's news and opinions. Listen in!

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UPDATED: The Competition: Google Nexus One Phone Gets Hands-on, UI Walkthrough

Gizmodo got somes hands on a Google Phone Nexus One and shared some impressions.

A tad thinner, lighter, and "silky"-er feeling in the hand compared to the iPhone, Nexus One also sports a less cheap, more rubbery back. (The rubber lobby is no doubt thrilled with that bump in cachet). Its screen POPS and blows everything away, and it's (likely 1GHz processor powered) web rendering is a bit faster than the iPhone 3GS, both of which are faster than the Droid. (Though the iPhone 3GS still outscored all comers on JavaScript benchmarks. Nitro FTW!) It's also got a crazy animated background system that can launch bit blocks or ripple when you touch it, but becomes a visualizer when music is playing. Like Sense UI's animated weather, that kind of eye candy is just sweet.

With iPhone 4.0 and a 4th generation iPhone due June/July 2010, how selfish are we to beg all comers to "bring the awesome!" so that Apple is incentivized to bring their own innovation to market faster? Exactly this selfish: well done, Nexus One, you're not failing to impress.

Speaking of which, check out Android Guys video UI walkthrough after the break, and tell us what you think!

UPDATED: Engadget scores an invitation-only pre-sale rumor starting Jan. 5 with a T-Mobile rollout, perhaps, to follow. Also, specs galore, with what looks like 802.11n(!) support, 8??x480 WVGA AMOLED screen, 1 GHz proc, and all the trimmings.

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Crazy Competition Rumor: Secret Google Phone Running Secret Android is Real

Gizmodo isn't waiting for the new year to shoot old rumors into the stratosphere, gossiping that the Google Phone (an honest-to-Jobs unique, branded phone by Google) is in a fact a fact, runs the here-to-fore unseen "real" Android (yes, everything from the G1 to the Droid has been running fakety fake fake Android), and is about to flood Google's HQ for testing:

Our best guess is an Android OS with Google Voice at its heart.

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Gameloft Flip Flops -- Will Develop for iPhone AND Android

After making a lot of noise about Android Market not being ready and how they would be scaling back development for the platform, Gameloft has done an about face and looks to be full speed ahead:

Paris – Gameloft®, a world leader in the publishing and development of downloadable video games, plans to launch High Definition games on next generation Android phones like the Motorola Droid and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

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