Android users get Apple Music Classical before iPad and Mac users can

Apple Music Classical on Android
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Apple Music Classical has been available for a while now on the best iPhones, but it remains unsupported by Mac and iPad. This looks to continue – although in its first update, Apple Music Classical is now available to a whole host of other users as it becomes available for download in the Google Play Store.

It seems bizarre that an Apple app be available on a Google platform before it becomes available on two of the main Apple devices, but there is a method to Apple's madness – not least because opens the app up to a completely new set of customers before more niche ones in its own ecosystem.

Android before iPad and Mac

Apple Classical - playlists and essentials

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To many, this move won't make sense – but when you think about it, it really does. iPads and Macs are people's secondary music-listening devices, with most people using their phones as their primary music devices. By releasing the app on Android, Apple has opened almost the entirety of the phone market beyond the iPhone, with an incredible number of customers now able to download the app.

iPad and Mac users are more of a niche – while some of us use our larger devices to listen to music, there are nowhere near as many of us as phone users. Apple focusing on an Android release makes perfect sense, and it now goes alongside the Apple Music app for Android users.

With any luck, this should mean that Apple users with the best Macs and iPads can soon hope to expect some good news on the Apple Music Classical front – but now it looks like everyone in the world has at least one device that will run the app.

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    They can have my share !
  • Lee_Bo said:
    Apple Music Classical is now available for Android, but it remains unavailable on Mac and iPad.

    Android users get Apple Music Classical before iPad and Mac users can : Read more

    And yet that same classical music is available on Apple Music.

    Just sayin’.