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Apple Vs Samsung

Supreme Court sides with Samsung, sends Apple patent fight back to lower court

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with Samsung in its patent dispute with Apple, ruling that a manufacturing statute was applied too broadly in a lower court decision.

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Apple's patent case against Samsung may end up going back to the trial court

Back in December, Apple's patent litigation with Samsung culminated in a $548 million settlement, but the South Korean vendor immediately filed a motion to the Supreme Court. Today, the Justice Department filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn its ruling, and to send the case back to the trial court.

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U.S. Supreme Court will hear Apple and Samsung's patent case

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments from Samsung and Apple in the ongoing patent dispute between the companies.

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Samsung appeals its ongoing patent fight with Apple to the U.S. Supreme Court

Samsung has filed a motion with the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the verdict in the original patent case with Apple. Samsung feels that the jury in the case was not given sufficient information to understand the patents at hand.

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Apple and Samsung's legal wrangling to resume in spring 2016

A third trial in Apple and Samsung's ongoing patent dispute has been set for March or April 2016. The new trail will once again determine the damages owed to Apple by Samsung.

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Samsung wants to take its patent fight with Apple to the Supreme Court

Samsung plans to take its ongoing fight with Apple over alleged patent infringements to the Supreme Court, according to recently filed court documents.

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Part of Apple's verdict against Samsung reversed by appeals court

About $382 million of the verdict won by Apple against Samsung has been reversed, with a U.S. appeals court finding that Apple's trade dress cannot be protected.

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Apple lawyers claim Samsung lawyer's 'jihadist' comparisons are making talks difficult, Samsung says Apple's being difficult

Apple and Samsung were revealed to be in fresh settlement talks to put these billion-dollar lawsuits behind them, but it turns out that talking smack about each other over the past few years whilst being engaged in said lawsuits has made things, shall we say… difficult. In fact, judging by the tone of statements issued by both lawyers to the court that ordered, one might think they don't even want this to work and just want to spend the next decade litigating. Anything's possible, we suppose.

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Apple vs. Samsung: The smartphone war summarized

Apple vs. Samsung has been the biggest smartphone slobber-knocker of the last half-decade. It has resulted in massive profits for both companies, and massive amounts of litigations between them. Apple believes Samsung, once a close manufacturing parter, and Google, once a close services parter, learned from the iPhone how to make a modern smartphone and then used that knowledge to clone the Android-powered Galaxy S series. Samsung and Google contend Apple hasn't a case to stand on. So how do we condense all those years, devices, and proceedings into one cohesive telling?

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Shocker: Samsung obfuscated dismal tablet sales

A while back there was some confusion over Samsung's "shipped" vs. "sold" numbers for their then-new Galaxy Tab tablet. Samsung, like most companies that aren't Apple, doesn't regularly report numbers. Some "analysts" and "oulets" are more concerned with pushing an agenda or grabbing sensational headlines than figuring out the actual numbers. So, Samsung was generally credited with selling 2 million Galaxy Tabs in 6 weeks and Apple, as a result, with losing 20% share of the tablet market. Now, thanks to the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung trial, we have some real data to reflect on.

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