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Apple Vs Samsung

Why Lenovo could be a far bigger threat to Samsung than Apple

It's no secret that both the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 will be battling it out later this year, but the two most popular phone makers on the planet, Apple and Samsung, have already shown markedly different trends as of late. Both sold a ton of phones, none more than Samsung. However, while Apple's average selling price rose by nearly $60 quarter-over-quarter, Samsung's fell by $30. Likewise, while Apple's 0% share of the under $400 phone market remained unchanged and their share of the over $400 market rose to 65%, Samsung's under $400 share dropped to 21% and they were left precious little space on the top end. Ben Thompson writes on Stratechery:

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Jury says Samsung owes Apple another $290 million

A jury in the new settlement trial, part of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, has determined that Samsung owes Apple an additional $290 million, on top of the $600 million that they already owed at the conclusion of the original trial. The previous amont had been $1 billion, but Judge Koh had vacated $450 million of that.

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Apple vs. Samsung: Secrets allowed!

Neither Apple nor Samsung will be forced to reveal sensitive information when the two companies head back to court in November for the second round of their patent dispute. Judge Lucy Koh had originally ordered both companies to disclose certain information about sales and profits that Apple and Samsung wanted to keep private. Judge Koh's order was overruled by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to All Things D:

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New survey says 3 times as many Samsung users switch to iPhone than the other way around

A new survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partner (CIRP) suggests that of Apple's iPhone customers between July 2012 and June 2013, an impressive 42% of them were upgrading from a previous iPhone. Better still, it compares Apple to Samsung, and shows that only 7% of Samsung's mobile customers moved across from using an iPhone. The key stats as presented to Fortune:

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The iPhone 4 row continues: South Korea decries 'protectionist' U.S. government

The government of South Korea has expressed concern over the Obama administration's decision to overturn a ban imposed by the U.S. International Trade Commission on iPhone 4 and cell-equipped iPad 2 models. The South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy denounced the administration's decision as "protectionism," reported Reuters.

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How the ITC ignoring Samsung's FRAND-abuse forced a veto in Apple's favor

How did the ITC get the Samsung vs. Apple decision so wrong it forced the Obama administration to side with the lone, Bush-appointed dissenter on the commission and issue their first over-ruling in over a quarter century? Did they really not understand the difference between standards-essential patents, those pledged under FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-descriminatory) and proprietary patents, those not required to be licensed at all? Based on their decision, that's about the only thing that makes sense in any of this. Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune:

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Obama administration overrules ITC ban on iPhone 4, iPad 2

Earlier this year the International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a ban on the import of the iPhone 4 and cell-equipped iPad 2 models after ruling that the devices violated a patent held by Samsung. The Obama administration has overruled that decision at the eleventh hour, allowing the Apple devices to continue to be imported. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, issued his ruling on Saturday, citing the best interest of consumers as his rationale for overturning the ban.

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Samsung's S Voice likes to think it's Siri

S-Voice is Samsung's Bizarro-like clone of Apple's Siri voice assistant service, and like any Bizarro worth its chalky skin, it seems to be hugely conflicted about it's progenitor. Alex Dobie of Android Central reports:

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Samsung design video: High on lifestyle companionship, low on rationale for cheap plastics

Apple typically accompanies the announcement of a new iPhone 5 with a video showcasing their design and manufacturing processes. Samsung has now done something similar for their just-released Galaxy S4. So how do the two videos compare, and what, if anything, do they tell us about the respective companies and phones?

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Hands-on: iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4

Live from the Samsung Unpacked event on Thursday, I snuck a few minutes at the demo tables and Phil Nickinson of Android Central was kind enough to film me doing a super quick iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 hands on.

I posted some extensive thoughts on the Galaxy S4 the other day, so read that now if you have already. To better round-out both offerings, here's Phil's complete Galaxy S4 hands-on as well.

2013 is going to be an exciting year.

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