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Apple Vs Samsung

Samsung spreading anti-iPhone 4S talking points

Not content with letting the Apple fanboys self-immolate over expectational depression, Samsung's Kim Titus has decided to spread some iPhone 4S talking points of their own in handy email form. I'll spare you the preamble and jump straight to the good stuff:

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iPad Live 76: Predictions

Georgia, Seth, and Rene discuss Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event, what it means for iPad, and our predictions. Plus, Amazon Kindle Fire and Samsung offering a settlement, top 5 RSS apps and our picks of the week. This is iPad Live!

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Samsung settles with Microsoft, offers Apple a deal

What a difference a week makes. Last we heard Samsung sounded like they had only just begun to fight, now they've signed an agreement to cross-license and pay Microsoft a fee for every Android device they've sold, but according to the Wall Street Journal, they've also offered an olive branch to Apple as well.

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iPhone Live 172: iPhone event preview

Rene, Georgia, and Seth talk the Oct. 4 iPhone event, iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4GS, iOS Assistant, case leaks, curved glass for iPhone 6, and the competition Galaxy S II, Windows Phone Mango, and webOS Pre3. This is iPhone Live!

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Samsung doesn't copy Apple

Samsung doesn't copy Apple. Except for in-store iconography. And USB power adapters. And packaging. And dock conne

Source: Reddit via Daring Fireball

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iPad Live 75: Big @$$ tablet

Georgia, Seth, and Rene talk Netflix alternatives, Apple vs. Samsung... and Verizon? Amazon tablet event, Macy's vending machines, Padzilla, Marvel collections, best podcatchers, and more! This is iPad Live!

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iPhone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II: Which should you get?

Another week, another baddest ass Android phone on the market, and right now that's the Samsung Galaxy S II -- and Android Central has their full Sprint Galaxy II Epic 4G Touch review up for your reading pleasure. Now Sprint doesn't have an iPhone (yet?) so if you're on Medium Yellow and you need a phone this week then the Galaxy S II is hard to beat. If you're on AT&T, however, you have a tougher decision to make -- namely iPhone 4 today, or perhaps iPhone 5 next month vs. the AT&T Galaxy S II.

Since we don't live in the future, however, if really you really need that phone today, which should you get?

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Verizon sides with Samsung, against Apple in legal dispute

Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents reports on Verizon's filing of an amicus brief in the long going Apple vs. Samsung legal dispute, claiming any injunction would harm Verizon's ability to deploy LTE, and no doubt otherwise injure small children and puppy dogs:

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Samsung waiting on iPhone 5, has finger on lawsuit launch button

According the Korea Times, rival smartphone maker Samsung is eagerly anticipating the Korean launch of Apple's next generation iPhone 5 handset -- so Samsung can try and sue it off the shelves.

`Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents,’’ said a senior executive from Samsung Electronics, asking not to be identified.

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US Samsung Galaxy S II Android invasion begins [Competition]

Phil from Android Central went and got his geeky little hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II phones set to hit US carriers soon -- and come this fall go up against iPhone 5. And... they're big. Up to 4.52-inches of big. So big I'm wondering why Samsung didn't just simplify their branding and call them Galaxy Tab 4.5. (Maybe because Spring Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch just rolls off the tongue so much more easily?)

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