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Apple Vs Samsung

Samsung hikes processor fabrication prices on Apple by 20%

Samsung has reportedly raised the prices they charge for manufacturing chipsets like the iPhone 5's Apple A6 by a whopping 20%. While no reason for the increase was given, Apple’s increased demand for processors, as many as 200 million chips this year, up from 130 million last year, could be a factor. Whatever the case may be, Apple seems to have little choice but to agree to the price hike, having no viable alternative suppliers at this point.

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Apple alters apology to Samsung on their UK site to comply with court order

Apple's recent apology to Samsung on their website was found to be unsatisfactory by the UK courts. They had since removed the statement from their website and have posted a reworded version that's also appearing in newspapers in the UK.

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Apple chastised by UK court for sarcastic Samsung statement

Apple has been chastised by the UK court of appeal for the content of its acknowledgement that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad. Apple was ordered to post the statement last month after losing an appeal in their UK patent case against Samsung. The issue with Apple’s statement are the added details about other, similar cases around the world, which Apple has won. Because the mentions of these cases were additions to the original order, the court of appeal stated that Apple’s statement was not compliant with the terms of the order, and they would have to correct the statement.

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Apple posts "Samsung didn't copy iPad" notice in the UK

In compliance with a U.K. court ruling, Apple has posted their "Samsung didn't copy iPad" notice. At least after a fashion. The notice is rather long, and meticulously crafted by Apple's lawyers. It mentions patents rather than devices in the "apology" up front, and gets its own back in the middle by quoting the judge as saying Samsung isn't as cool, and at the end by citing a German court ruling that did find Samsung violated Apple's design, as well as Apple's massive, billion dollar win over Samsung in U.S courts. And yes, they posted it in Arial.

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ITC finds that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents

An International Trade Commision judge has ruled that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents in the first round of a case brought by Apple. These patents include one pertaining to the front face of the iPhone, and another for touchscreen technology. This decision is subject to review by the full commission, which is scheduled to finish its investigation into the matter by February 25. This victory comes after a string of legal setbacks for Apple in international courts, one of which will see Apple post an apology to Samsung on its website, and take out ads in several publications.

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Samsung will stop selling displays to Apple next year

Samsung Display has announced that they will be ending their display contract with Apple and will no longer supply LCD panels starting next year. Lower margins on Apple devices are said to be a primary reason for the split. Apple has long used Samsung displays for their iOS devices, and in the first part of this year, Samsung Display shipped 15 million LCDs to Apple, their single largest supplier of displays. However, they shipped less than 3 million displays to Apple in the last quarter, and are reportedly not providing any panels for the iPad mini.

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Apple loses appeal in UK court, must place ad stating Samsung didn't copy iPad

Apple has lost an appeal against a UK ruling regarding the similarity of the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of tablets to the iPad, and will be forced to run ads acknowledging that Samsung did not, in fact, copy the iPad design. The decision comes after Apple appealed a July ruling by the High Court that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line of tablets did not infringe on the iPad’s design. Apple will have to post a link to the original judgement on its UK website, as well as run ads in major publications, the BBC reports:

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Apple and Samsung move from love/hate to hate/hate

Apple seems to be moving to reduce its reliance on Samsung for the manufacture of the A-series processors found in iOS devices, and are possibly planning a move to another company for the production of future chips. While Apple and Samsung have been at odds in the smartphone market, they've remained close partners in manufacturing. The increasing rivalry between the two companies when it comes to the former is cited as the reason for their deteriorating relationship when it comes to the latter. The The Korea Times reports that love-hate might be turning into pure hate.

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Apple may say goodbye to Samsung for quad-core chips

Apple may be changing chip manufacturers as it moves towards quad-core processors in its iOS devices over the next couple of years. While Samsung has produced the chipsets for most iOS devices so far, including the Apple-designed A6 found in the iPhone 5, it may not be the direction Apple will head in the future.

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Apple snags veteran chip designer Jim Mergard from Samsung

Jim Mergard, a 16-year veteran of chip maker AMD, has left his position at Samsung for a job at Apple. Mergard was formerly a vice president and chief engineer at AMD before he left for Samsung, and he is known for his work on both desktop processors as well as systems on chips, or SoCs, like those found in iOS devices.

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