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Insanely Simple - A new insider book covering Steve Jobs and Apple's success

A new book titled Insanely Simple - The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success from Ken Segall will be hitting the shelves soon. If you're not familiar with the name Ken Segall, then you may be more familiar with his website. Segall runs the popular Scoopertino parody blog and his personal blog, Observatory and has a history of working with Apple, having been Apple’s agency creative director for many years, and working directly with Steve Jobs. Most notably, he was also involved with Apple's Think Different ad campaign and the naming of the iMac.

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iPhone 4S Made Simple makes it easy for new users to use their iPhones

iPhone 4S Made Simple is a new book from Apress written by Martin Trautschold and our very own editor-in-chief extraordinaire, Rene Ritchie, and tech edited by none other than Leanna Lofte. That's right, there's a huge iMore presence throughout this book -- I forgot to lock the cages one night, who knew? -- which means it's super detailed, super informative, and has everything a regular person needs to get started with their brand new iPhone 4S.

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Giveaway: Inside Apple: New book aims to expose old secrets

Inside Apple is a new book from Fortune's Adam Lashinsky that aims to reveal some of the secrets behind the success of America's premiere consumer electronics company -- Apple.

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Sony Pictures close to deal for film rights to Steve Jobs biography

Sony Pictures is reportedly very close to securing a deal for the film rights to the Steve Jobs biography. The deal Sony is tabling is said to be $1 million against $3 million and that Mark Gordon will be in line to produce the film.

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App vs App: Classics vs Stanza eBook Readers for the iPhone

It seems that e-book readers are going to be technology's next big thing. With the Kindle being named Oprah’s favorite gadget and other e-book reading devices battling for pole position, the e-book reader is populating daily culture. But who wants to pay that much money for a dedicated reading device that is admittedly limited and still has no true standard format?

Insert iPhone. We all know that the iPhone does a great job in converging multiple devices, why not add being an e-book reader to its capabilities? Obviously we won’t have any e-ink technology in the iPhone but the e-book readers in the iPhone, Classics and Stanza, offer ease of use and a great free selection—plus you don’t have to plop down an extra 400 dollars to read a book.

See what we think of Classics and Stanza in our App vs App!

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