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Connected Devices

ARCHOS to launch iOS compatible connected home devices, smartwatches at CES

Connected devices are an ever growing space, but an unlikely source is set to announce a raft of devices at CES next week that will integrate with iOS devices. ARCHOS, known for its media players and Android devices of late, is set to announce a whole 'Connected Home' range of products in Las Vegas:

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Apple, smart homes, and the connected future

Some of the more interesting things, at least conceptually, I saw at CES 2013 were the smart appliances shown off by the likes of Samsung and LG. They're not anywhere near the sci-fi of Tony Stark's house, never mind Star Trek or the Jetsons, but they're a beginning. As a geek and fan of futurism, that's exciting. And it's an area Apple isn't playing in publicly yet, at least beyond the living room.

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HAPIfork connects your utensils so you can eat less, slower, and better

HAPIfork from HAPILABS is part of the next generation of connected devices, and if it looks and sounds a lot like a smart fork, that's because that's exactly what it is. Powered by USB, connected via Bluetooth, and reporting online or via an iOS app, HAPIfork aims to make you more aware of what you're eating. Namely, how much and how fast.

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Apple, iOS, an

IDC has recently published projections reaching out to 2016, when they forecast iOS devices will snag 17.3% market share of all connected devices - that includes computers, media tablets, and smartphones.

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